Esports Transfers №4: ZywOo проти S1mple

Січ 19 2021 28 min read

Дивись відео спецпроекту Esports Transfers від WePlay Esports і дізнайся про найцікавіші деталі кар'єри таких кіберспортсменів, як ZywOo і S1mple.

At the end of 2020, WePlay Esports officially launched Esports Transfers, a new independent platform designed to answer some of the most important questions in the field: how much are esports athletes worth? How much does it cost to transfer a player? Do organizations overpay for their services or not?

We conduct an in-depth analysis of both statistical and game data, through which we obtain a result that is accurate to market value. The calculations are based on five different points: leadershipmarketabilitystabilityskill, and demand. It's worth noting that each point is composed of various sub-factors as well.

The Counter-Strike community has been incredibly divided when the question arises: who is the best CS:GO player? For the past five years, s1mple has managed to make the list for HLTV's Top 20, with his lowest placing being #8 in 2017. The Ukrainian superstar even snatched the #1 spot away from Nicolai "device" Reedtz in 2018, despite Astralis' dominant performances throughout the year. To put it simply, s1mple's individual level was unparalleled, as he could single-handedly change the course of the game, and it seemed like no one could go toe to toe with him. 

But, in 2019, everyone was proven wrong, as ZywOo had a phenomenal rookie year with Vitality, consistently making deep runs throughout the year and outshining even s1mple, taking the #1 spot on HLTV's Top 20 in his first-ever appearance. To this day, fans and industry professionals alike argue over which player is the best, but we're more interested in something else. Which one is worth the most? To find out, make sure to watch the latest episode of Esports Transfers until the end. 

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