Sep 02 2020

The Sad Life of a Sage Main

In VALORANT's latest update, Patch 1.07, Riot has once again nerfed everyone's favorite healer.

6 min read

Aug 21 2020

Homeless Find a Roof as Dignitas Enters VALORANT

Another heavyweight organization makes its entrance in VALORANT.

5 min read

Aug 05 2020

Killjoy, VALORANT's new agent, lives up to her name

It's official, I'm a Killjoy hater

5 min read

Jul 24 2020

Why don't European clubs enter VALORANT?

Yevgeny Kondratyev about Party Parrots disbandment and reasons why organizations from CIS and Europe do not sign the successful line-up mixes

Jul 17 2020

How much of the '80s is in VALORANT

Tropes, homage, and other influences from the beloved time period

8 min read

Jul 15 2020

VALORANT Agents: Biographies and Abilities

Get to know game's characters better

15 min read

Jun 01 2020

Riot Games name VALORANT’s first episode Ignition

Ascent confirmed to be the new map

1 min read

May 28 2020

Riot will rename VALORANT's top rank for launch

Top-ranked player ratings will be introduced with competitive ranked mode

1 min read

May 25 2020

VALORANT will launch without ranked

Riot Games Global Communications Lead, Chris “PWYFF” Tom, has revealed that VALORANT will not launch with a ranked mode.

1 min read

May 21 2020

VALORANT arrives on June 2

It was always the date Riot had in mind

2 min read

May 21 2020

jdm64 quits CS:GO for VALORANT

Counter-Strike loses yet another talented player

1 min read

May 20 2020

Infinite leaves competitive CS:GO for VALORANT

Moving on to greener pastures

2 min read

May 13 2020

Interview with WARDELL

We sat down with WARDELL to discuss his plans moving forward as a player in CS:GO or VALORANT, and discussed his future in signing with an org.

4 min read

May 12 2020

VALORANT 0.50 targets Sage and Cypher with nerfs

VALORANT 0.50 offers many changes and improvements to the game.

10 min read