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Apr 10 2021

Dota 2 7.29 Patch Is A Mosaic Masterpiece

It has lots of pieces but only put together they form art

11 min read

Feb 05 2021

Deano: "NA needs some kind of a martyr for Dota 2"

Pace University teenage player shares his view on NA Dota 2, its issues, and community.

23 min read

Feb 01 2021

Why PGL’s DPC-2021 Major Was A Tough But Right Decision By Valve

Disclaimer: This opinion may not coincide with the opinion of the majority

Jan 12 2021

DPC Deciders Results: Triumphs & Heartbreaks

Taking a closer look at what happened during pre-DPC Qualifiers

Jan 05 2021

DPC 2021: All You Need To Know

And all we know at the moment

Jan 04 2021

PPD returns to competitive Dota

PPD discusses some of the motivations behind his retirement and the thought process behind his 2nd return to the professional scene.

Dec 30 2020

2020: A Good Year For Dota 2

Looking back positively, thinking about the future with excitement

Dec 02 2020

What It Takes To Be a TI Winner

PPD talks about his experiences and the mentality necessary for players to triumph over their rivals.

Aug 21 2020

Valve has released Pudge Persona & Announcer Pack + left hints for WR Arcana

The Toy Butcher is a bit not like he was presented on the concepts

Jun 10 2020

Dota 2 Collector's Cache Best

Viewer discretion is advised

May 28 2020

Battle Pass — idea that changed esports

How Valve revolutionized the world of video games.

What are the teams, which didn't get to TI9, doing?

Aug 15 2019

What are the teams that missed TI9 are up to these days?

The players keep on existing after losing the TI Qualifiers. Here is what they are doing on social media