Tekken 7

Apr 09 2021

WePlay Tekken Challenge: your chance to win PlayStation 5!

Registrations for the first tournament are now open!

2 min read

Mar 05 2021

A New Golden Age Is Rolling In

"The FGC is at the precipice of a new golden age. The reason? Developers are finally committed to strong online play".

Dec 02 2020

The Euphoria of Fighting Games

One word defines fighting games for me: euphoric.

4 min read

Nov 10 2020

Tekken 7 S4 Might Mark The Beginning Of An Exciting Time for Online Gaming

Online events are here to stay, and with the introduction of excellent netcode for Tekken, we might be looking at a golden age for the FGC

4 min read

Oct 23 2020

What Makes A Fighting Game Character "Bad"

There are some fighting game characters whom we all agree suck, but what makes them so bad?

3 min read

Oct 06 2020

The Weirdest Fighting Game Characters

From humanoid cacti to shapeshifting heaps of meat

Oct 05 2020

Alisa Bosconovitch: more human than android

The story of a Alisa in Tekken games

Sep 29 2020

Tekken 7: Much Ado About Kunimitsu II, Why?

Once it became clear that the Kunimitsu coming to Tekken 7 was the original's daughter, it caused quite the stir. Why? And who is Kunimitsu anyway?

7 min read

Sep 11 2020

Eliza: The Tekken 7 Vampire With The Biggest Potential

Eliza isn't everyone's favorite character, but from a story perspective, she has perhaps the most potential

4 min read

Sep 09 2020

Bud Light Beer League: Tekken 7 Takes Center Stage

The Bud Light Beer League enters its second week with some exciting matches

3 min read

Aug 25 2020

Harada Hates FGC Hackers, But Maybe They're A Necessary Evil

Tekken 7's hackers might actually be doing some good for the game

3 min read

Aug 20 2020

Are we ready for another Tekken movie?

Bandai Namco carefully considers Tekken's return to video content

3 min read

Aug 11 2020

Equinox Gaming signs Tekken pro EyeMusician

Joins the likes of Cuddle Core and Ulsan on the team

2 min read