Teamfight Tactics

Jan 25 2021

Teamfight Tactics: The New Set 4.5 Classes & Origins, Explained

In TFT's Set 4.5 Fates, Riot Games has added new origins, classes, and characters. This overview will get you caught up

Sep 16 2020

Patch 10.19 - Fates is out

Here is everything new in TFT

Aug 26 2020

The three best combos in the Fate Expansion

Let's take a look at some of the best synergies in the newest TFT expansion.

Aug 25 2020

Riot Games reveals Teamfight Tactics patch 10.19

Here are some of the highlights of the new patch.

Aug 09 2020

What to expect from Teamfight Tactics in 2020 and 2021

Here are some of the things that we can expect to find.

Jul 29 2020

Top Teamfight Tactic Comps for Patch 10.15

Here are some of the hottest combos in this patch.

Jul 29 2020

Spirit Blossom Festival in TFT

Effective Strategies and Advantageous System of Boosting!

Jul 27 2020

Top 3 Teamfight Tactic Combos Right Now

Here are some of the best combos in TFT right now.

Jun 03 2020

Interview with Seonghun "Polt" Choi

Polt is a Starcraft 2 legend with eight premier titles and has completed the Triple Crown, making him one of the best players to ever touch the game.

5 min read

May 27 2020

TFT 10.11 nerfs Kayle and Xayah; adds New Galaxy

TFT 10.11 makes a few changes to the game that will definitely have an impact on the meta.

3 min read

May 26 2020

TFT: Galaxies Mid-Set update will change the game entirely

TFT: Galaxies Mid-Set update is a massive change, and one that will have your matches looking very different.

4 min read

May 25 2020

The best team comp in TFT 10.10

Teamfight Tactics 10.10 offers many viable options when it comes to successful team compositions, but which one stands above the rest?

4 min read

May 12 2020

Teamfight Tactics 10.10 makes some tweaks to a number of champions and items

Teamfight Tactics 10.10 deploys a number of fixes to the game, along with tweaking some champions, traits, and items.

3 min read

Apr 28 2020

Teamfight Tactics patch 10.9 notes

Two new Galaxies and 3-Star Champions get some love

3 min read

Apr 14 2020

Teamfight Tactics 10.8 adds Dark Star Xerath and buffs a number of champions

Teamfight Tactics 10.8 was very generous with buffs, and was a little less generous with nerfs. It also adds Dark Star Xerath to the roster.

5 min read

Apr 13 2020

$200,000 Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies Championship announced

Riot Games has announced the Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies Championship set to take place later this year.

1 min read