Dec 04 2020

The Storylines of First Strike North America

A look into the storylines of First Strike North America, the largest VALORANT event to date.

8 min read

Oct 20 2020

Esports Automotives: HRxMazda, G2xBMW, AstralisxAUDI, and more

Recalling the most famous collaborations of the scene

Apr 25 2020

T1 signs third VALORANT player, crashies

Just two spots left to fill

2 min read

Apr 16 2020

BMW partners with Cloud9, Fnatic, FunPlus Phoenix, G2 Esports, and T1

A large-scale partnership that goes beyond sponsorship

2 min read

Apr 07 2020

T1 signs AZK to Valorant roster

Joins former iBUYPOWER teammate swag

1 min read

Mar 17 2020

T1 removes Black^ and xuan from its Dota 2 roster

Back to searching for the right players

2 min read

Feb 27 2020

T1 signs Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s top-ranked player, MkLeo

T1 continues to build its roster outside of LoL

2 min read