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Feb 01 2022

Introducing WePlay! Compete: a competition app built for the FGC

It’s an excellent opportunity for fighting games addicts to gather and get a good quality of the competitive atmosphere

Oct 22 2020

The Top Super Smash Brothers Creepypastas This Halloween

Halloween is here again! And after scouring the internet, these are the creepypastas I found the most intriguing

7 min read

Oct 05 2020

Steve And Alex Are Going To Be Top Tier Characters In Super Smash, Aren't They?

Steve and Alex look like they are going to be top-tier characters, here are some of the things they will be capable of

4 min read

Oct 01 2020

Smash x Minecraft: Steve And Alex Join The Fight

Steve and Alex from Minecraft will be Super Smash Bros Ultimate's newest characters

2 min read

May 31 2020

Nairo is the King of Wifi Random Characters

The Quarantine Series’ latest winner

2 min read

May 27 2020

ZeRo the legend leaves competitive Smash for good

King of WiFi Random Characters will be his last Smash Bros. tournament

3 min read

May 11 2020

BestNess wins The Box

Le’Veon Bell, Hungrybox, and Team Liquid join forces

2 min read