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Feb 01 2022

Introducing WePlay! Compete: a competition app built for the FGC

It’s an excellent opportunity for fighting games addicts to gather and get a good quality of the competitive atmosphere

Mar 03 2021

RAZER Xian: The Pinnacle Is Not the End

The Singaporean OG speaks frankly about his career, the future, and the fascinating world of the Singaporean FGC

13 min read

Jan 29 2021

Forget Low/High-Tier Characters, Just Have Fun With the Game!

Maybe we complain too much as generation of gamers and should instead focus on having fun with the game

9 min read

Jan 18 2021

The Five Japanese Fighting Game Gods: Still Relevant in a New Era?

With new fighters coming in every other day, does the term 'fighting game god' still hold any relevancy in today's FGC?

9 min read

Jan 11 2021

How Mono PR Is Raising a Scene and Helping Emerging Talents

The man of many hats sat down to talk to us about his upcoming projects and a scene which has captured the imagination of so many

10 min read

Dec 22 2020

Answering The Internet's Most Asked Questions About Zangief From Street Fighter

The Russian wrestler is one of Street Fighter's most iconic characters, so here are answers to some of your most burning questions

4 min read

Nov 23 2020

Capcom Pro Tour NA west: Samurai Is The Last Qualifier for Capcom Cup!

Miky Chea was a figure of absolute calm as he ran down his opponents to take the last qualifier spot for Capcom Cup

3 min read

Nov 18 2020

Street Fighter VI Might Be Coming Sooner Than We Think

A leak revealed emails regarding work on the next iteration of the popular fighting game series

2 min read

Nov 16 2020

Capcom Pro Tour Australia: There's A Cody At Capcom Cup!!!

Possibly for the first time in history, the 'low tier' character will be making an appearance at Capcom Cup

4 min read

Nov 11 2020

Would G From Street Fighter Have Won The Election?

If the self-proclaimed 'President of the World' had run for the White House, could he have won?

5 min read

Nov 09 2020

Capcom Pro Tour China: A Fascinating Look Into An Underrepresented Scene

If you knew nothing about the Chinese FGC, now you know thanks to the CPT China event held over the weekend.

4 min read

Nov 06 2020

What Is The Nigerian Fighting Game Community?

In the midst of crippling political and social issues, the Nigerian FGC has found a way to rise above adversity and push forward

7 min read

Nov 02 2020

Old school FGC v New: Haven't We Had Enough?

Was the old school FGC better than the new one? Does it even matter at this point?

4 min read

Oct 27 2020

The Icarus Set: Idom Nyc v NoNeedToTalk

According to legend, Icarus lost his wings after flying too close to the sun. NoNeedToTalk suffered a similar fate at the hands of iDom

4 min read

Oct 26 2020

CPT Asia East #2: Japanese Street Fighter Hits Different

In what was arguably one of the most exciting CPTs I've witnessed in recent times, the Japanese once again showed why they are considered elite

4 min read

Oct 23 2020

What Makes A Fighting Game Character "Bad"

There are some fighting game characters whom we all agree suck, but what makes them so bad?

3 min read

Oct 19 2020

Mena RD Barges His Way Through The CPT 2020 Central America

While Mena RD's win wasn't much of a surprise, the Central American CPT still produced some exciting talent

3 min read