Riot Games

Jan 25 2021

Teamfight Tactics: The New Set 4.5 Classes & Origins, Explained

In TFT's Set 4.5 Fates, Riot Games has added new origins, classes, and characters. This overview will get you caught up

Sep 23 2020

Riot Announces First Strike

Riot Games has officially revealed the next step in the development of VALORANT as an esport.

4 min read

Aug 31 2020

The Conundrum of International European VALORANT Teams

Why are there so many international European teams in VALORANT?

5 min read

Jun 01 2020

Riot Games name VALORANT’s first episode Ignition

Ascent confirmed to be the new map

1 min read

May 28 2020

Riot will rename VALORANT's top rank for launch

Top-ranked player ratings will be introduced with competitive ranked mode

1 min read

May 27 2020

TFT 10.11 nerfs Kayle and Xayah; adds New Galaxy

TFT 10.11 makes a few changes to the game that will definitely have an impact on the meta.

3 min read

May 26 2020

TFT: Galaxies Mid-Set update will change the game entirely

TFT: Galaxies Mid-Set update is a massive change, and one that will have your matches looking very different.

4 min read

May 25 2020

VALORANT will launch without ranked

Riot Games Global Communications Lead, Chris “PWYFF” Tom, has revealed that VALORANT will not launch with a ranked mode.

1 min read

May 12 2020

Teamfight Tactics 10.10 makes some tweaks to a number of champions and items

Teamfight Tactics 10.10 deploys a number of fixes to the game, along with tweaking some champions, traits, and items.

3 min read

May 12 2020

VALORANT 0.50 targets Sage and Cypher with nerfs

VALORANT 0.50 offers many changes and improvements to the game.

10 min read

May 05 2020

Riot will reward VALORANT Twitch viewers with player cards

A thank you for racking up those hours

2 min read

May 05 2020

VALORANT adds three new regions to the closed beta

Brazil, LATAM, and South Korea join the closed beta

2 min read

Apr 30 2020

VALORANT ranked mode may not go live for a while

Missed its April 29 launch due to several bugs and issues

1 min read