Nov 23 2020

Capcom Pro Tour NA west: Samurai Is The Last Qualifier for Capcom Cup!

Miky Chea was a figure of absolute calm as he ran down his opponents to take the last qualifier spot for Capcom Cup

3 min read

Nov 16 2020

Capcom Pro Tour Australia: There's A Cody At Capcom Cup!!!

Possibly for the first time in history, the 'low tier' character will be making an appearance at Capcom Cup

4 min read

Nov 09 2020

Capcom Pro Tour China: A Fascinating Look Into An Underrepresented Scene

If you knew nothing about the Chinese FGC, now you know thanks to the CPT China event held over the weekend.

4 min read

Oct 26 2020

CPT Asia East #2: Japanese Street Fighter Hits Different

In what was arguably one of the most exciting CPTs I've witnessed in recent times, the Japanese once again showed why they are considered elite

4 min read

Oct 19 2020

Mena RD Barges His Way Through The CPT 2020 Central America

While Mena RD's win wasn't much of a surprise, the Central American CPT still produced some exciting talent

3 min read

Oct 12 2020

CPT Europe West #2 Served Us the Unpredictability We Deserve

The latest CPT tournament was full of twists and turns and we absolutely loved it!

3 min read

Feb 21 2020

WePlay! Tug of War: Mad Moon - Playoffs. Day 2 Results and Day 3 Schedule

Three fights with no mercy from the winners