Oct 20 2020

Adam Andersson: Sweden's Lone WolfY

As someone who has had a very interesting career, WolfY is an emerging talent in both Sweden and North America.

7 min read

Sep 29 2020

dumau: The Child Prodigy of Brazil

As one of Brazil's emerging talents, dumau is destined for great things and could even be a prospect to join one of the country's best teams.

6 min read

Aug 27 2020

Anthony Lim: Making an ImpressioN

This article covers the progression of ImpressioN's career and includes snippets of an interview conducted by WePlay! Esports.

8 min read

Aug 07 2019

Streamer Profile: Ninja

The most popular former Twitch streamer

Streamers Profile: The Yogscast

Jun 14 2019

Streamers Profile: The Yogscast

Masters of the most refined British humour.

5 min read
Streamer Profile: Aculite

May 31 2019

Streamer Profile: Aculite

The humble Canadian FPS star.

4 min read
Streamer Profile: dizzy

Apr 10 2019

Streamer Profile: dizzy

Who is “dizzy” and how he became the Legend?

Streamer Profile: iNcontrol

Apr 01 2019

Streamer Profile: iNcontroL

The adept of strategy games and the manliest streamer

Streamer Profile: GrndPaGaming

Mar 12 2019

Streamer Profile: GrndPaGaming

The role model, the entertainer, the ultimate Apex Legend.

Streamer Profile: swimstrim

Oct 26 2018

Streamer Profile: Swimstrim

Who is this top streamer and deck builder for Gwent?

Streamer Profile: Dr DisRespect

Oct 06 2018

Streamer Profile: Dr DisRespect

Who is DisRespect and where did he come from?

3 min read