Nov 12 2020

The Players to Watch in Flashpoint 2

Here's a list of the players to watch going into Flashpoint 2.

16 min read

Oct 27 2020

MIBR Adds Stand-in Trio

MIBR has signed three stand-ins ahead of BLAST Fall Series 2020 and Flashpoint 2

8 min read

Sep 11 2020

What's Up With MIBR?

MIBR has struggled a lot, but when will the line be crossed? What does MIBR need to do now?

6 min read

May 19 2020

trk replaces meyern on MIBR

Ignacio "meyern" Meyer has been placed on the MIBR bench for Alencar "trk" Rossato.

2 min read

May 10 2020

Rumor: trk already signed and training with MIBR

meyern refuses to transfer to Team One

1 min read

May 06 2020

Rumor: MIBR looking to sign trk

He will allegedly replace meyern

1 min read

Mar 26 2020

zews leaves MIBR

Team manager "dead" will fill the vacancy

2 min read

Jan 31 2020

felps is back on MIBR bench; loan with TeamOne terminated

João "felps" Vasconcellos has joined the MIBR bench once again as he announces his departure from TeamOne via Twitter.

1 min read
MIBR replace LUCAS1 with meyern

Dec 12 2019

MIBR replace LUCAS1 with meyern

He plays his first match today at cs_summit 5

1 min read
Evil Geniuses and MIBR qualify for ESL Pro League Finals

Oct 13 2019

Evil Geniuses and MIBR qualify for ESL Pro League Finals

Mousesports are the first European team to qualify this time around

1 min read