Mar 03 2021

RAZER Xian: The Pinnacle Is Not the End

The Singaporean OG speaks frankly about his career, the future, and the fascinating world of the Singaporean FGC

13 min read

Jan 26 2021

A11yra on how "girls are more competitive than boys"

Interview with Irina "A11yra" Chugai as part of the Girls Got Game project

19 min read

Jan 11 2021

How Mono PR Is Raising a Scene and Helping Emerging Talents

The man of many hats sat down to talk to us about his upcoming projects and a scene which has captured the imagination of so many

10 min read

Dec 04 2020

The Saga

The story of five brothers united by a dream

12 min read

Nov 24 2020

Martin Kabrhel: "Esports in five years will be very different from what it is now"

Interview with Martin Kabrhel, the founder of Entropiq, a rapidly-growing Czech esports organization.

13 min read

Nov 05 2020

Boaster: "I am confident we will put on a good show at First Strike"

Ahead of First Strike, WePlay Esports sat down with SUMN FC's Boaster to discuss all things VALORANT.

7 min read

Oct 28 2020

vakk: "My main goal as a player is to be as flexible as I can"

Ahead of First Strike, WePlay Esports sat down with nolpenki's vakk to discuss all things VALORANT.

7 min read

Oct 23 2020

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, the Pain of Esports Players

Chiropractor's professional advice

7 min read

Sep 24 2020

ODPixel: career's origins, rap videos, hypecasting, socials, and more

A huge interview with one of the Dota 2's most recognizable casters

32 min read

Sep 10 2020

LetCindersBurn: The Nigerian F.A.N.G Main's Journey

From Lagos to Indiana, Cinders went on a journey of discovery and what he found was family and acceptance in the NA FGC

9 min read

Sep 09 2020

The Making of a Prodigy ft. Jérôme Coupez

Interview with Jérôme Coupez about the makings of a CS:GO prodigy and the different services that agencies offer.

8 min read

Sep 05 2020

OMEGA League interview: Johan "N0tail" Sundstein

“EG - super s**t, Secret’s really good, let’s go!”

Sep 04 2020

OMEGA League interview: Jesse "JerAx" Vainikka

We've discussed his retirement and thoughts on murdering in the game

Sep 01 2020

OMEGA League interview: Сlement "Puppey" Ivanov

Puppey told us why he doesn't yell at YapzOr and when we can see Puck-support

Sep 01 2020

OMEGA League Interview: Danil "Dendi" Ishutin

Dendi's goals with the current roster and his feeling about TI being cancelled this year

Aug 31 2020

Blitz with OMEGA League players

Tons of new information about top pro-players for you

Aug 31 2020

OMEGA League Interview: Ludwig "zai" Wåhlberg

zai discussed his favorite ice-cream and outdoor activity during live stream at OMEGA League

10 min read

Jun 26 2020

YEKINDAR Interview: esports path, transfer, and getting settled in a new team

Today we will get to know Mareks better, and find out a lot of interesting things about his career in esports

19 min read