Nov 27 2020

Hitmarker Announces Follow-up Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

Almost a year after their incredibly successful debut crowdfunding campaign, Hitmarker opens its doors once more to investors

3 min read

Oct 05 2020

CR4ZY ends partnership with all their esports teams in 2020

Dota 2, League of Legends, and CS:GO rosters hit

Aug 25 2020

Harada Hates FGC Hackers, But Maybe They're A Necessary Evil

Tekken 7's hackers might actually be doing some good for the game

3 min read

Aug 21 2020

PG Punk vs Capcom: Was It Really Necessary?

Capcom laid down the law after Punk's outburst, but was it worth it?

3 min read

Jul 12 2020

HORI releases Fighting Commander pad for the Nintendo Switch

A good balance between functionality and affordability

2 min read

Jun 25 2020

Esports facility for senior citizens to open in Japan on July 2

Membership open to 60 year-olds and above

2 min read

May 14 2020

Kyle Friedman shares his opinion on content exclusivity

“I know how it feels to watch the death of a favorite game. I don't want to do it again”

2 min read

May 10 2020

CSPPA reveals changes to the 2020/21 off-season

Decision made following a request from tournament organizers

1 min read

May 03 2020

Movie inspired by ‘The Golden Five’ of CS 1.6 is in the works

Ghost is all about a talented player during The Golden Five’s rise and reign

3 min read

Mar 29 2020

Japan plans major esports expansion to boost economy

Estimate a revenue of ¥285 billion by 2025

2 min read

Mar 25 2020

MTG expects a 35-45% drop in profits in the first half of 2020

Live events should resume in the third quarter

2 min read

Mar 19 2020

DreamHack Summer and Dallas rescheduled

DreamHack Summer and Dallas have been rescheduled due to coronavirus concerns.

1 min read

Mar 12 2020

Newzoo partners with Excel Esports

Newzoon joins Excel Esports as its new strategic partner.

1 min read

Mar 05 2020

More health and safety measures introduced to ESL One Los Angeles 2020

Additional checks and balances to protect against the coronavirus

1 min read

Feb 23 2020

HuomaoTV fires employee who offered to fix matches

HuomaoTV has fired an employee after he made an offer to forZe to fix matches.

1 min read

Feb 21 2020

Chiefs Esports Club land two-year partnership with Marvel

Marvel has signed a partnership with their second esports organization in Chiefs Esports Club, their other being Team Liquid.

1 min read