Dec 11 2020

The Champions of First Strike

First Strike is finally over, and each region has crowned its VALORANT champion.

12 min read

Dec 04 2020

The Storylines of First Strike North America

A look into the storylines of First Strike North America, the largest VALORANT event to date.

8 min read

Dec 01 2020

The Storylines of First Strike Europe

Here are all the storylines going into First Strike Europe, the biggest VALORANT tournament thus far.

8 min read

Nov 24 2020

Martin Kabrhel: "Esports in five years will be very different from what it is now"

Interview with Martin Kabrhel, the founder of Entropiq, a rapidly-growing Czech esports organization.

13 min read

Nov 05 2020

Boaster: "I am confident we will put on a good show at First Strike"

Ahead of First Strike, WePlay Esports sat down with SUMN FC's Boaster to discuss all things VALORANT.

7 min read

Oct 28 2020

vakk: "My main goal as a player is to be as flexible as I can"

Ahead of First Strike, WePlay Esports sat down with nolpenki's vakk to discuss all things VALORANT.

7 min read

Oct 21 2020

Transfer Thursday — October 22

Cloud9, Nivera, Bonk, Gambit, and more

Oct 08 2020

Team Heretics reveals its VALORANT roster

Team Heretics is the latest organization to invest in the European VALORANT scene, picking up the core of the former Inferno roster.

4 min read

Sep 23 2020

Riot Announces First Strike

Riot Games has officially revealed the next step in the development of VALORANT as an esport.

4 min read

Sep 17 2020

NiP Benches HyP and Fearoth, Signs Sayf

Ninjas in Pyjamas has announced the benching of HyP and Fearoth as well as the addition of Sayf to its VALORANT roster.

4 min read

Sep 04 2020

MDL Match-Fixing Madness

Many MDL players are under investigation by the ESIC this week as allegations of match-fixing are brought to light.

4 min read

Sep 02 2020

The Sad Life of a Sage Main

In VALORANT's latest update, Patch 1.07, Riot has once again nerfed everyone's favorite healer.

6 min read

Aug 31 2020

The Conundrum of International European VALORANT Teams

Why are there so many international European teams in VALORANT?

5 min read

Aug 21 2020

Homeless Find a Roof as Dignitas Enters VALORANT

Another heavyweight organization makes its entrance in VALORANT.

5 min read