Sep 17 2018

15 watchdogs sign Declaration to crack down on gambling in games

Gambling regulators pledge to work together for better understanding of challenges posed by games.

2 min read

Sep 17 2018

Top 5 Free Mobile PvP games

There’s a ton of mobile games with a good PvP mode people enjoy playing on their mobile devices. We list TOP 5 games you should check out.

5 min read

Aug 13 2018

The Elder Scrolls Legends and cross-platform

Bethesda insists on cross-play system in their card trading game

1 min read

Aug 07 2018

Anthem producer told player to “kill lots of things”

It looks like devs approve mass murdering of all the things living in the game

2 min read

Aug 04 2018

The Wolves opened an esports division

Another football club of the EPL set their foot into esports

2 min read

Jul 31 2018

Walking Dead: The Final Season Gameplay

Fifteen minutes of Clementine and AJ's adventures

2 min read

Jul 31 2018

Esports and hentai: Adult Game Tournament is announced

Lewd Gaming Championship will gather the best of two worlds, apparently

2 min read

Jul 30 2018

What Remains of Edith Finch: the house where…

A game, a movie or a short story?

6 min read

Nov 29 2016

Agony, first-person survival horror game powered by Unreal Engine 4, to be released in Q2 2017

Agony promises to offer players the special ability to control people on their path