Nov 23 2020

Capcom Pro Tour NA west: Samurai Is The Last Qualifier for Capcom Cup!

Miky Chea was a figure of absolute calm as he ran down his opponents to take the last qualifier spot for Capcom Cup

3 min read

Nov 11 2020

Would G From Street Fighter Have Won The Election?

If the self-proclaimed 'President of the World' had run for the White House, could he have won?

5 min read

Oct 15 2020

Answering The Internet's Most Asked Questions About Guile from Street Fighter

Wondering how Guile learned his iconic sonic boom? Who he is based on, or why he fights as he does? We have all the answers here!

5 min read

Oct 12 2020

CPT Europe West #2 Served Us the Unpredictability We Deserve

The latest CPT tournament was full of twists and turns and we absolutely loved it!

3 min read

Oct 09 2020

Why Street Fighter Remains At The Top Of the Esports Scene

Street Fighter is arguably the king of fighting games, but how has it been able to hold on to its title for so long

5 min read

Oct 07 2020

Street Fighter League 2020 Preview: Who do you think will take the top spots?

Six elite teams will slug it out to take the top two spots, but with a slew of world class players, who will the top teams be?

7 min read

Sep 24 2020

Answering The Internet's Most Asked Questions About Ken Masters

Need to know more about one of Street Fighter's most well known characters, well we have everything you need

6 min read

Sep 22 2020

Charlie Nash: Street Fighter's Most Tragic Character

Charlie Nash is undoubtedly Street Fighter's most tragic character, here's why

6 min read

Sep 21 2020

Capcom Cup 2020: Xian's CPT Win Shows The Strength Of South East Asia

Singapore was prominent in the just concluded Capcom Pro Tour and a lot of this had to do with the great work of Xian

5 min read

Sep 18 2020

What's The Big Deal About The Street Fighter Netcode?

There seems to be growing discontent about SFV's netcode even after a patch from earlier in the year

5 min read

Sep 14 2020

Capcom Pro Tour 2020: EMEA Tournament Offers No Huge Surprises

The Easter Europe and Middle East Capcom Pro Tour Qualifiers didn't show us much that we didn't already know

4 min read

Sep 08 2020

The 'Definitive' Guide To Picking a Main Fighting Game Character

These are the factors to consider when picking a new fighting game character

6 min read

Aug 31 2020

Capcom Pro Tour 2020 NA East #2: The Top 5 Moments

Here are the moments that stuck in the mind from the Capcom Pro Tour 2020 online tournament

5 min read

Aug 06 2020

Akira Kazama puts the spotlight on Rival Schools

Could there be more characters from the series in the future?

3 min read

Jul 14 2020

Why Zangief was so weak in Street Fighter II

Ryu also got the wrong end of the stick

2 min read

Jul 13 2020

Why Street Fighter Alpha 3 is the best in the franchise

Bursting at the seams with great content

7 min read

May 27 2020

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition version 05.031 patch notes

Adjusts extended inward hitbox changes from last patch

2 min read