Karmine Corp и Envy — чемпионы WePlay Esports Invitational!

Сен 20 2021 3 min read

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After an amazing and emotional four days, the WePlay Esports Invitational Featuring Rocket League has come to an end. We're very pleased with our entry into Rocket League and humbled by the community's response. We're blown away with the support we received, and that clearly reflects in the event's viewership. 

Team Envy had quite the Cinderalla story in the North American event, initially being knocked down to the lower bracket following a 0-4 loss to FaZe Clan. The team quickly bounced back with a 4-1 win versus Spacestation Gaming, which then pitted them against G2 Esports in the lower bracket quarter-finals. After winning that series 4-2, Envy got to play their grudge match versus FaZe, and while it was a close affair, they came out on top, winning it 4-3. This secured them a spot in the lower bracket final versus The General NRG, previously widely regarded as the best team in the region. While there was a lot of back and forth, Envy emerged victorious, taking the series 4-2 and allowing them to move on to the grand final where they would face Shopify Rebellion. The first set looked to be going the way of SR, but while they were down 1-3, Envy managed to reverse sweep and take it 4-3. Shopify Rebellion started off strong in the second set once again, leading 2-1, but following victories on Neo Tokyo and Aquadome once again, Envy managed to close it out on DFH Stadium and take home the title, as well as the grand prize of $15,000!

WePlay Rocket League Invitational Team Envy

Overview of North America

Place Team Prize Money
1st Team Envy $15,000
2nd Shopify Rebellion $12,000
3rd The General NRG $9,000
4th FaZe Clan $6,000
5-6th Susquehanna Soniqs $3,000
5-6th G2 Esports $3,000
7-8th Rogue $1,000
7-8th Spacestation Gaming $1,000

Over in EMEA, Karmine Corp had a very strong start to the tournament with wins over SMPR Esports and Team Vitality. Once in the upper bracket final Karmine Corp was knocked down a peg by Team BDS who took the series in a very dominant fashion. Thus, KC took on Dignitas in the lower bracket final, and after a lot of back and forth, Karmine Corp emerged victorious, taking the series 4-3 and setting themselves up for revenge against BDS in the grand final. Leading 2-0 in the first set, Karmine Corp were looking strong before they got reverse swept by BDS. However, they looked a lot less shaky in the second set, managing to take it 4-1 and equalizing at 1-1. While BDS took DFH Stadium and Mannfield in the third set, KC brought it back with a reverse sweep of their own and closed it out 4-2, thus being crowned the champions of the EMEA event and bringing home $15,000.

WePlay Rocket League Invitational Karmine Corp

Overview of EMEA

Place Team Prize Money
1st Karmine Corp $15,000
2nd Team BDS $12,000
3rd Dignitas $9,000
4th Team Vitality $6,000
5-6th Guild Esports $3,000
5-6th Vodafone Giants $3,000
7-8th SMPR Esports $1,000
7-8th Sandrock Gaming $1,000

A warm thank you to everyone who tuned in, supported the tournament, and cheered for their favorite teams. We hope to see you tune in to a future WePlay broadcast, be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date with all things WePlay!


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