WESA оправдала NiP

Сен 05 2019 3 min read

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Following the publication of an independent report into allegations made against Ninja's in Pyjama's, WESA has cleared the esports organisation of any wrongdoing. 

Ian Smith's report did not find NiP's current management or CEO Hicham Chahine guilty of any wrongdoing concerning the recent allegations. 

"The new management under Hicham Chahine had to deal with issues arising from gross mismanagement of the previous management of NiP and did take appropriate action where necessary," read the statement. 

WESA mandated the investigation on August 21 following some troubling allegations against the organisation. They were concerning NiP's CS:GO team from 2013 and ranged from withholding prize money to the mistreatment of staff and players. 

It confirms Chahine's previous claims that the mismanagement happened before he became the CEO. Stockholm Esports Production AB was the entity that controlled NiP at the time, and it went bankrupt in 2014. Chahine initially came in as an investor but only got involved in the day-to-day operations in early 2016 after learning of the mismanagement.

"Over a relatively short period, all Former Management was removed from the company, both in terms of management and shareholding. New, high-level private investors were found, and a wholescale corporate restructure took place with new high-level hiring. Hicham Chahine assumed the role of CEO, a new board was appointed and new procedures put in place," states the report. 

It did, however, mention that NiP handled some cases with staff and players poorly. New protocols have since been put in place to ensure similar situations do not reoccur. 

"While some of the handling of these situations still caused issues for individuals, the overall picture shows that the intention of the current NiP management was always to resolve and improve the situation."

Regarding CS:GO 2013 player's taxes, NiP resolved their issues by employing an audit firm to assist in clearing all associated cost. This amounted to SEK40,000 ($4,100) for each player. 

WESA Commissioner Pietro Fringuelli concluded after the report that NiP and Chahine would not be penalised for any wrongdoing. As such, organisation will remain a member of WESA and its CEO will retain his seat on WESA's executive board. 

In a statement following WESA's findings, NiP appreciated the hard work that went into the report and the positive results attained. The fact that the report highlighted the differences between NiP management before and after 2016 would also go a long way in mending the public's perception of the organisation since Fifflaren's initial allegations. 

"As the extensive third-party investigation has concluded, and we have resolved all issues brought to our attention from the past; we are forever grateful for the support we have received throughout the history of NiP from dedicated fans and our industry colleagues," reads NiP's statement. 


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