Формат квалификаций WePlay! Pushka League

Апр 10 2020 3 min read

Формат квалификаций WePlay! Pushka League ⚡⚡⚡ Киберспортивные новости, аналитика, обзоры, репортажи на WePlay! Самые актуальные новости!

As you know, we’ve introduced WePlay! Pushka League recently, with a bunch of pretty big teams taking part in our online tournament. OG, Team Secret, NAVI, Virtus.pro, Team Nigma, Gambit, Alliance, NiP, and others will compete in two groups divided by regions: Europe and CIS. The tournament will launch on April, 23rd and the prize pool is $250,000.

WePlay! Pushka League Prize Pool Distribution

  • 1st place: $70,000;
  • 2nd place: $45,000;
  • 3rd place: $30,000;
  • 4th place: $20,000;
  • 5th place: $12,500;
  • 7th-8th place: $10,000;
  • 9th-10th place: $7,000;
  • 11th-12th place: $5,000;
  • 13-14 place: $3,000.

And don't forget the MVPs:

  • MVP Core: $5,000;
  • MVP Support: $5,000.

But the most important thing is that besides the twelve clubs announced, there will be a TBD slot for each region — for a team that will make it through the Qualifiers! Check this out.

Firstly, Open Qualifiers for all who want to take part. Make it through them and get into the next stage.
Then, Closed Qualifiers will be held on April, 20-23. OQ winners will join two CQs direct invites (Chicken Fighters + Vikin.gg in EU group or Cyber Legacy + VP.Prodigy in CIS group) to decide which team advances to Pushka League

So here comes another thing: as you’ve already guessed, all you need to do is register your team and do your best! Everyone, including you, has a chance to get into a high-level league, or, beg our pardon, a collegiate esports conference.

Open Qualifiers


Open Qualifiers are meant to give chances to anyone willing to show what they got. Joining Open Qualifiers is simple: just register your team at Challonge and fight!

CIS: WePlay! Pushka League CIS Open Qualifiers Registration Button

EU: WePlay! Pushka League Europe Open Qualifiers Registration Button

The teams are allowed to sign up for one region only.


Open Qualifiers are played in a regular playoffs bracket for 128 teams. All matches are played in BO1 format, except the last matches of the bracket — Quota Deciders — to be played in BO3 format. 


Open Qualifiers are played on April, 16-17. So, make sure your team is armed and ready. 

CEST April 16 April 17
13:00 1/64 1/64
14:00 1/32 1/32
15:00 1/16 1/16
16:00 1/8 1/8
17:00 1/4 1/4

Closed Qualifiers 

After WePlay! Pushka League Open Qualifiers, we announce the Closed Qualifiers: a series of matches to determine the worthy. 



  • VP.Prodigy
  • Cyber Legacy
  • Open qualifier winner #1
  • Open qualifier winner #2


  • ViKin.gg
  • Chicken Fighters
  • Open qualifier winner #1
  • Open qualifier winner #2

Schedule & Format (CEST)

April, 20

15:00 Preshow
16:00 CIS Semifinals No. 1 (best of 3)
19:00 EU Semifinals No. 1 (best of 3)

April, 21

15:00 Preshow
16:00 CIS Semifinals No. 2 (best of 3)
19:00 EU Semifinals No. 2 (best of 3)

April, 22

12:00 Preshow
13:00 CIS Finals (best of 3)
16:00 (or followed by) EU Finals (best of 3)


You can get all the latest news through our special tag

And of course, here's our Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/weplaydota


Learn more about the league on weplay.tv and our social media: RedditInstagram, and Twitter.


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