WePlay! Inside #2: перезапуск и наши на TI

Авг 23 2018 2 min read
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WePlay! Inside #2: перезапуск и наши на TI ⚡⚡⚡ Игровые и киберспортивные новости, аналитика, обзоры, репортажи на WePlay! Самые актуальные новости!

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen. In the previous part of our digest, we have narrated about our company’s life before 2018. Today, the time has come to talk about our recent development.

In August we have updated the portal. The shell and inner part were fully changed, did you see? Perhaps, every reader understands the amount of work and resources behind each button on the website. 


There are currently 25 people in our development department, which is equal to 4 000 working hours. As an analogy, "Electronic" form Natus Vincere has played a little over 7 000 hours in CS:GO.

These guys are responsible for creating and supporting an inside product. Sometimes getting enough sleep, they are trying to succeed in releasing missing parts of WePlay! portal structure before the end of this year.


Naturally, for a user it is not only the technical part which is important, but also, to view pleasant and modern framing and navigation, while surfing. Thanks to 15 united and friendly staff members, this became possible, which is equal to approximately 2 400 working hours a month! By the way, the broadcast of all English Premier League football games takes about 600 hours.


There is a team which consists of 10 people, that process any content, including this one. On a daily basis, they monitor a huge amount of information and review all tournaments, before shearing relevant information with you. We recap the news about recent events and good quality analytics about future events. Everything, for the record, is being done in two languages. The process itself takes about 1 600 working hours a month. For comparison, it took approximately 1 200 hours for cryptocurrency Bitcoin to drop from 19,094$ ( December 16th, 2017) to 7,604$ ( February 6, 2017).

For now, we have named only half of our staff, which is most closely related with the media-platform launch.

In the next month, we are going to tell you about our studio and how it works. The studio includes 21 people, who currently work on a gorgeous show, which will definitely show up on Twitch sometime in September. The preparations have made a great progress right in Vancouver, where The International 2018 is holding from August 20th till 25th,. All pictures and stories from the scene you can find in our general producer’s Instagram.

P.S. Working on this material, took us about 2 hours, which is almost 13 times more, than average PornHub session.  


Мировой киберспорт поддерживает мир и свободу Украины

Сделай благотворительный вклад в фонд Techiia Foundation во имя тех, кто нуждается в помощи прямо сейчас, во имя тех, кто охраняет родину и сражается за мир и свободу, во имя тех, кого больше нет с нами, но кого мы не перестанем любить и помнить.

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