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A few weeks have passed since the journey to the Nightsilver Woods. The mysterious merchants have made a camp and deployed a trading station — outlandish amulets, rings, armour, and weapons were the items on sale. However, the artefacts with real power were yet stashed under the wooden counter. Their time has not come hitherto. 

A compact system of the Nightsilver Woods' trees carefully guarded the trade camp against both the scorching sun and prying eyes. The only few to reach this place were those who could hear the enigmatic call of the Green Crystal referred to by the mysterious travellers as the Radiant

"The heroes continue arriving," said the big man. By all indications, he was this mystical enterprise's leader.

"And those who are destined to lose themselves and become weak-willed dolls in the hands of the Ancient One," his lanky companion answered.

"According to my calculations, we will meet with a squad of fighters from two adjacent conclaves. I remember the day they swore allegiance to each other. This oath is not so old, but its strength should not be overestimated — as well as the strength of other promises proclaimed in that region." 

A few years ago, there was a squad of invincible rangers who terrified all six provinces of Yoskreth. The best of the best, people with tough destinies and vast experience behind. Mere mortals were afraid to go out at night in fear of robbery and murder. Officials hired elite guards to protect them. There were legends about the cruelty of the squad, peope thought they were soulless thieves killing only for entertainment, accusing them of almost every crime made. 

However, all this was not true. The brilliant squad captain had created this myth intentionally to conceal the primary goal — to expose and eliminate the members of the Order of the Artisans, a secret organisation that spread roots all over the world and intended to collar all the heads of every state to establish total control. Of course, there was a man who began it all. The chief treasurer of the largest bank in those lands — our squad acted under his auspices because as soon as he had learned about the Order, refused to cooperate with them and miraculously escaped from prosecution — the chief treasurer decided to prevent bad things. He promptly assembled a team of masterful warriors, thought out a plan and appointed a leader. The economy and justice of the whole world were at stake, so there was no time for the delays.

After ten years of clandestine activity, secrecy and tons of luck, the criminal organisation had been neutralised. Mission accomplished. But it appeared that their leader had a different fate — he left his warriors to serve the Black Gold capitol. The squad dismissed, but those who stayed together didn't know anything except their occupation — the hearts of proud warriors could not find another use.

They allied with a few young soldiers of the neighbouring conclave, then formed a new squad, the hidden power of which could become a new formidable force in the coming battle.

The merchant stood silently, listening to the soothing song of birds and the carefree noise of the forest.

"This is a fratricidal war for one of them."

"Do they have a liege lord?" — his companion asked.

"Formally", the big man answered, "but in reality, PAVAGA does not serve any lord..."

He unwrapped the scroll with the inscription WANTED on it:

PAVAGA Gaming:

Nikita "Palantimos" Grinkevich  
Yaroslav "Pikachu" Vasilenko (captain)
Yevgeni "chshrct" Kostroma
Danil "Bignum" Shehovtsov
Alexei "j4" Lipai  

You can find the stream channel, the official bracket and the Tug of War: Radiant news feed HERE.


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