WePlay Collectibles теперь доступны на OpenSea

Окт 30 2021 2 min read
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Новая коллекция WePlay Collectibles ждет вас в ноябре на NFT-маркетплейсе OpenSea

The first NFT collection from WePlay Collectibles on the OpenSea NFT marketplace, “Shooter: from A to Z,” will drop in November.

OpenSea is the world’s first and one of the largest digital marketplaces where people buy and sell exclusive crypto assets. It is in this NFT marketplace that WePlay Collectibles will release the first tokens — A and B — from the alphabet NFT collection “Shooter: from A to Z” on November 1. Between November 1 and 13, WePlay Collectibles will auction two more tokens daily on the platform.

“Shooter: from A to Z” will include 26 unique tokens, one for each letter of the alphabet. The things that are near and dear to shooter fans have been minted to become one-of-a-kind NFT items — the collection consists of notable words and phrases associated with popular first-person shooter games. Fans may try to get them all or choose a special one they like the most. All released tokens of the collection can be found on the official WePlay Collectibles website.

Participation in the auction is a chance to snatch a unique digital item and support esports in general. WePlay Collectibles endorses budding esports teams, so half of the total token sales of the “Shooter: from A to Z” collection and additional NFT Trophy token will go towards cheering up the team that lost in the finals as the Runner-up Award within the WePlay Academy League Season 2

Once a token is released, collectors will have 24 hours to place their bids, so stay tuned for upcoming news.

Fans can purchase the WePlay Collectibles NFTs at auctions on the OpenSea platform. For that, they will need to:

  • Create a crypto wallet supported on OpenSea (if they don’t have one yet).

  • Link it to a wallet on the OpenSea platform.

  • Deposit the appropriate amount of money in the wallet.

  • Find the WePlay Collectibles NFTs via weplaycollectibles.com.

  • Bid for the token of their choice.

  • After winning the auction, the participant will receive a token automatically to their ETH wallet after a certain period of time.

Additional information on how to get started with the OpenSea NFT marketplace can be found here.

The first WePlay Collectibles tokens that have been listed at the Binance NFT marketplace as part of its “100 creators” campaign are sold out.

The release of non-fungible WePlay Collectibles tokens is a part of WePlay Holding’s ecosystem. You can find a full and detailed description of WePlay Collectibles in our White Paper at this link.


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