WePlay! Artifact Mighty Triad: Strength. Профили игроков. Группа G

Ноя 29 2018 4 min read

WePlay! Artifact Mighty Triad: Strength. Профили игроков. Группа G ⚡⚡⚡ Игровые и киберспортивные новости, аналитика, обзоры, репортажи на WePlay! Самые актуальные новости!

WePlay! is going on a fantastic Artifact journey and it’s about time to present the players from group G. Remember that one of them very well could make history and win the first big Artifact tournament played in constructed mode.

Our excitement over this particular group is simply overwhelming.

Vladislav "SilverName" SinotovD:WorkPlayGround!News!!!!20182018-1125�2.jpg

Country: Russia
Organization: Team Spirit
Background: Hearthstone

Another prominent Hearthstone player in today's compilation, SilverName has recently won the first place at WESG 2018 - Russia Qualifier. As well as Edwin, Vladislav is yet to make a tiny step to join the prestigious "$100K club" although he got most of his earnings winning the World Cyber Arena back in 2016 - and it's his best performance in his gaming career to date.

Concerning Artifact, Valdislav is a fresh player having streamed his first attempts at the game just a few days ago. Still, it is worth noting that his Hearthstone background and obvious similarities between the games helped him to understand the core mechanics while expressing his thoughts on the meta.

SilverName is a no stranger to swearing a little, yet he claims his words are always directed towards a fictional figure of his opponent - not the real person he's playing with.

His strength is: Creativity.

George "Hyped" Maganzini

Country: USA
Organization: Team Liquid
Background: Hearthstone, Overwatch

Hyped started his gaming career in 2014 as a Hearthstone streamer and competitive player under the flags of Tempo Storm. He was well known for his signature decks that lured you into a false sense of security and slaughtered with a powerful combo.

In 2016 Hyped transitioned into Overwatch and played for Immortals for almost a hear. Around this time in 2017, the team announced that they were parting ways with Goerge, and he has been keeping a low profile until very recently.

Today he’s a full-fledged Artifact player backed by Team Liquid. Hyped is going to be a fearsome opponent in Strength.

His strength is: Strategy and Work Ethic 

Yakub «Lothar» Szygulski

Country: Poland
Organization: G2 Esports
Background: Hearthstone and Fortnite pro-player, commentator

 Jakub is quite a versatile person. He managed to play Hearthstone and Fortnite on pro-level, joined several teams as a player and captain, and now is the brand manager of the Spanish e-sports organization G2 Esports. Moreover, he is also streaming! In real life, Yakub has an adorable daughter Gabriela, born in August 8, 2018.

In addition, Lothar is keen on going to the gym. We wonder how he does everything? 

His strength is: Quick learning skills 

Qu «MissQQoo886» Hwan

Country: China
Background: Hearthstone

The most mysterious character at the Artifact Mighty Triad: Strength is a girl from China - MissQQoo886. Almost nothing is known about her: Hwan's Twitter is empty, she doesn’t stream on Twitch, because she lives in Shanghai. We found her stream on one of the Chinese counterparts of the streaming platform - Zhanqi.tv. She participated in the first official Artifact tournament, where she didn't make it over a player from Finland. But let's not underestimate her. In the end, the name of our tournament has the word "Triad"

Her strength is: 4-year Card game experience

Check out tournament preview to know more about the groups, when and where to watch WePlay! Mighty Triad: Strength


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