WePlay! Artifact Mighty Triad: Agility - прогнозы финального дня

Янв 20 2019 4 min read

WePlay! Artifact Mighty Triad: Agility - прогнозы финального дня ⚡⚡⚡ Игровые и киберспортивные новости, аналитика, обзоры, репортажи на WePlay! Самые актуальные новости!

Petrify vs. swim

swim's decks

Deck #1 – Mono-Blue w/ Outworld Devourer
Deck #2 – Red-Green ramp w/ Drow Ranger

Petrify's decks

Deck #1 – Black-Red aggro w/ Tinker
Deck #2 – Red-Green ramp w/ Dark Seer

We’ve seen Petrify’s Black-Red aggro list performing a miracle by destroying Ancient with multiple copies of Disciple of Nevermore (there are x3 in his deck) and Assault Ladders. He could develop the same board state today against swim’s ramp deck if the American doesn’t respond in time.

Petrify doesn’t rely on additional card draws in his Green-Ramp deck as any copies of Unearthed Secrets and Smash their Defenses! were cut out. He also didn’t include Enough Magic! which could fare well against swim's Mono-Blue.

The Australian took a leaf out of swim’s book and included Dark Seer for cross-lane mobility. There is a reaction from swim:

Urban Dictionary definition for those who don’t understand the lingo:

To Petrify’s credit, he called his deck, “sorry for netdeck.”

The updated 43-card Mono-Blue deck swim brought to the table yesterday couldn’t cope with Lumi’s Red-Black aggression after a bad early game, and the same thing could happen again.

I’ll go out on a limb and say that swim will take the series despite his lopsided (what do I know) Mono-Blue deck with OD. In any case, this match is my personal favourite of the top 8 stage.

Petrify (1) < swim (2)

MyGoodMate vs Stormlike

MyGoodMate's decks

Deck #1 – Red-Black Aggro
Deck #2 – Red-Green Ramp

Stormlike's decks

Deck #1 – Blue-Green ramp /w Drow Ranger
Deck #2 – Red-Green ramp /w Thunderhide Alpha

The agro/midrange decks are working quite well in this tournament and MyGoodMate must be happy with his lineup. The one copy of Mercenary Exiles gives the deck additional balance as he gets a good way to dump the gold when the cheap items in the main have been purchased.

The ramp deck has one copy of Unearthed Secrets for additional card draw and Omniknight for additional tanking.

Stormlike brings the explosive Blue-Green ramp deck, able to lethal Ancients left, right & center with the Prey on the Weak / EotQ combo. This line-up has many control tools and looks extra scary. The ramp deck sports Unearthed Secrets (x3) for card draw and Enough Magic! (x1) for improved control. Stormlike even included a copy of Fight Through the Pain to be able to fight for the initiative.

I’m favouring Stormlike in this matchup because he’s Blue-Green can control agro and has a more balanced ramp deck.

MyGoodMate (0) < Stormlike (2)

Shana vs. Hoej

Shana's decks

Deck #1 – Red-Green ramp w/ Lycan
Deck #2 – R4B1 w/ Phantom Assassin & Tidehunter

Hoej's decks

Deck #1 – Mono-Red w/ Centaur Warrunner and Beastmaster
Deck #2 – Red Green ramp w/ Beastmaster & Lycan

Shana sports a unique ramp deck with no Spring the Trap! copies, one Stonehall Elite card, and Lycan. The player seems to think that having three copies of Spot Weakness, Mist of Avernus and Unearthed Secrets each has much more merit.

The R4B1 list with PA brought excellent results for Shana yesterday, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes today vs. the Mono-Red deck of Hoej.

Shana (2) > Hoej (1)

TenShi vs. MaggoGx

TenShi's decks

Deck #1 – Red-Green ramp/ Lycan
Deck #2 – Mono-Red w/ Beastmaster & Tidehunter

MaggoGx's decks

Deck #1 – Red-Green ramp w/ Abaddon
Deck #2 – R4B1 w/ Phantom Assassin

TenShi’s Mono-Red with Tidehunter worked out quite well yesterday, and it’s probably one of the best anti-ramp decks we’ve seen this tournament.

On the other hand, his opponent is running meta-changing ramp deck with Abaddon, which makes the matchup especially interesting, since there are three cards able to purge ToT off the enemy heroes. I hope this time we will finally see Lodestone Demolition (x1) in action.

TenShi (2) > MaggoGx (1)


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