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Янв 19 2019 5 min read

WePlay! Artifact Mighty Triad: Agility - прогнозы плей-офф ⚡⚡⚡ Игровые и киберспортивные новости, аналитика, обзоры, репортажи на WePlay! Самые актуальные новости!

MyGoodMate vs SuperJJ

MyGoodMate Decks:

Deck #1 – Red-Black Aggro
Deck #2 – Red-Green Ramp

SuperJJ Decks:

Deck #1 – Red-Blue control
Deck #2 – Red-Green Ramp

MyGoodMate brings an aggro deck with robust Red heroes and a plethora of Black multiuse tools. The main weaknesses of the deck are that it has no additional card draw and needs good early game to work out. The ramp deck has one copy of Unearthed Secrets and doesn’t utilise Enough Magic!. MyGoodMate chose Omniknight as his second Green hero.

SuperJJ will be relying on Red-Blue control deck that is supposed to seamlessly carry him into the late game with ToT. The “obligatory” ramp deck has two copies of Unearthed Secrets and only one EotQ card.

Based on the decks I would give a slight advantage to SuperJJ. He has a more flexible ramp and tools to counter aggro.

SuperJJ (2) > MyGoodMate (1)

Real_MAN vs. Stormlike

Real_MAN Decks:

Deck #1 – Mono-Red w/ Tidehunter
Deck #2 – Red-Black midrange w/ Lich 

Stormlike Decks:

Deck #1 – Blue-Green ramp /w Drow Ranger
Deck #2 – Red-Green ramp /w Thunderhide Alpha

Mono-Red turned out to be surprisingly good against the ramp decks with tools like Enough Magic! (x2), Smash Their Defenses! (3x) and hero signature cards. It also strikes an eloquent balance between a strong early and late game which should work in Real_MAN’s favour.

The Red-Black combines the best tools both colors have (except for the gold ramp ability) and can be used to control the game at every stage.

We’ve seen successful Blue-Green ramps in the group stage that utilised dinosaurs, but Stormlike decided to use Incarnation of Selemene and EotQ instead. With good early draws, this list can create chaos wipe the enemy off the board.

Stormlike decided to drop dinosaurs in his Red-Green ramp instead of EotQ. That could be a winning decision in the current meta, where Slay is very neglected.

I tend to like Real_MAN’s line-up more because he has all the tools to disrupt both ramp decks Stormlike brought.

Real_MAN (2) > Strormlike (0)

Shana vs. Baize

Shana Decks:

Deck #1 – Red-Green ramp w/ Lycan
Deck #2 – R4B1 w/ Phantom Assassin & Tidehunter 

Baize Decks:

Deck #1 – Black-Blue aggro w/ Trebuchets

Deck #2 – Mono-Red w/ Centaur Warrunner & Tidehunter 

Shana’s ramp deck features three copies of Unearthed Secrets and one initiative card. He also brought three Mist of Avernus cards, that can have a surprisingly good effect. The “Mono-Red” deck with Phantom Assassin has Gank (x3) and Pick Off (x2) to be able to utilise the one Black hero across every lane.

Baize brought an interesting Red-Blue deck designed to crack towers in the early stages of the game. It has Ogre Magi and Kanna to create scary board presence with Dimensional Portal (x3) and Prey on the Weak. The Chinese player even brought Lightning Strike (x3) to get that tower damage. Annihilation and Coup de Grace are the most expensive cards this list has.

The Mono-Red sports Tresdin's Standards with a ton of cheap cards to buff up the heroes and shouldn’t have problems surviving till ToT. The deck also has Red Mist Pillager that potentially can snowball the game out of control.

Both players have brought great decks to the table. I want to believe in the selection of Baize just because of how refreshing it feels, but the more standard approach of Shana looks more solid.

Shana (2) > Baize (0)

Hoej vs. MieGod

Hoej Decks:

Deck #1 – Mono-Red w/ Centaur Warrunner and Beastmaster
Deck #2 – Red Green ramp w/ Beastmaster & Lycan

MieGod Decks:

Deck #1 – Mono-Red w/ Centaur Warrunner and Tidehunter
Deck #2 – Red-Green w/ Lycan 

The Mono-Red deck by Hoej has Enough Magic! (x2) but no copies of Sucker Punch which we saw used to a significant effect in the group stage. On the other hand, the player included Marrowfell Brawler (x2), one of the strongest creeps in the game. In the ramp deck, Hoej decided to switch Bristleback with Beastmaster for a better signature card. This deck has the biggest amount of creeps we’ve seen in a ramp in this tournament due to the presence of Lycan and three copies of String the Trap (most players run only two).

The Mono-Red list by MieGod sports Routed, a spell that can be surprisingly effective against ramp and Mono-Blue decks. The player also included three Enough Magic! (x3) and two Sucker Punch (x2) cards to disrupt enemy combinations. His Red-Green ramp also has a copy of Routed and two initiative cards for better control.

Such mirror matchups are tough to predict, though Hoej’s decks seem just a little bit better.

Hoej (2) > MieGod (1)

TenShi vs. Mugibaby

TenShi Decks:

Deck #1 – Red-Green ramp/ Lycan
Deck #2 – Mono-Red w/ Beastmaster & Tidehunter

Mugibaby Decks:

Deck #1 – Green-Red ramp w/ Drow Ranger and Lycan
Deck #2 – Blue-Green ramp w/ Drow Ranger

The series might be decided by the ramp vs. ramp matchup and we will see of Drow Ranger can withstand the standard Red-Green roster.

TenShi (1) < Mugibaby (2)

MaggoGx vs. Berry


Deck #1 – Red-Green ramp w/ Abaddon
Deck #2 – R4B1 w/ Phantom Assassin


Deck #1 – Red-Black midrange w/ Lich
Deck #2 – Red-Green Ramp w/ Dark Seer

This series features a Red-Green ramp mirror and Lich vs. a solid Red hero lineup. Naturally, MaggoGx is a little more favoured as ToT should counter Chain Frost.

MaggoGx (2) > Berry (0)

Luminous vs. swim

Luminous Decks:

Deck #1 – Red-Black midrange w/ Tinker
Deck #2 – Blue-Green ramo w/ Drow Ranger

swim Decks:

Deck #1 – Mono-Blue w/ Outworld Devourer
Deck #2 – Red-Green ramp w/ Drow Ranger

Lumi brought the deck line-up that let him win in the group stage, while swim made a couple of interesting changes. We'll see if swim's OD in the Mono-Blue can withstand the challenge

Luminous (1) < swim (2)

Petrify vs. AndyWand

(Not a prediction, actual results)

Petrify Decks:

Deck #1 – Black-Red aggro w/ Tinker
Deck #2 – Red-Green ramp w/ Dark Seer

AndyWand Decks:

Deck #1 – Red-Green w/ Omniknight
Deck #2 – Red-Green w/ Drow Ranger

Petrify (2) > AndyWand (0)


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