WePlay! Artifact Mighty Triad: Agility - прогнозы группы C

Янв 16 2019 2 min read

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WePlay! Artifact Mighty Triad: Agility group stage sports both qualified players and players that were invited from the previous event. Let’s make some predictions!

Group C participants and decklists

Group  C
LifeCoach Real_MAN
Deck 1Deck 2Deck 1Deck 2
DrHippi swim 
Deck 1Deck 2Deck 1Deck 2

LifeCoach vs. Real_MAN

LifeCoach brought two flavors of Red-based decks meant to finish the game with Time of Triumph. With Red-Blue he is going to control the lanes until the late game with the classic Blue stalling tools like Annihilation (x3), Ignite (x3), At Any Cost (x3), et cetera. His Red-Green sports Omniknight which is a rare hero in constructed decks.

Both Real_MAN's decks incorporate Black as the supporting color. The Red-Black has eighteen mana four cards and three ToTs, making the deck extra strong at mana turn eight. Lich’s signature card seems to be a powerful though inconsistent tool this tournament; Chain Frost can wipe up the board or do absolutely nothing at all. Yesterday some players used it as a seven-mana initiative steal tool.

The Blue-Black gold rush deck relies on a strong early game but can bring fantastic results if Real_MAN gets a Vesture of the Tyrant online in time.

In this matchup, we favor LifeCoach who is an accomplished player and has more reliable decks. That being said, we don’t want to disregard Real_MAN, who has a chance to get an excellent start and use the momentum to his advantage.

LifeCoach (2) > Real_MAN (1)

DrHippi vs. swim

DrHippi brought a Mono-Black control and a Black-Red aggro deck. The Mono-Black sports Bloodseeker and Sniper; both are making debut at WePlay! MT:A. He also incorporates very rarely used tools like Slay (x2), Steam Cannon (x2), and Coordinated Assault (x3). The item list is packed with high-value cards that should close out the game. The aggro deck is more standard and uses the high risk, high reward cards Disciple of Nevermore (x2) and The Oath (x3).

swim brought his favorite Mono-Blue deck with 43 cards with the standard package of control tools, and a copy of Conflagration. The other Red-Green deck has every ramp card in the arsenal of Green that is supposed enable the ToT (x3) and EotQ (x3) play as soon as possible.

It’s very hard to predict who will win this match with DrHippi’s unique take on Mono-Black.

swim (2) > DrHippi (1)

Predictions for the rest of the group

LifeCoach (2) > swim (1)

DrHippi (2) > Real_MAN (1)

swim (1) < DrHippi (2)

* * * * * *

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