WePlay! Artifact Mighty Triad: Agility — итоги третьего игрового дня

Янв 18 2019 6 min read

WePlay! Artifact Mighty Triad: Agility — итоги третьего игрового дня ⚡⚡⚡ Игровые и киберспортивные новости, аналитика, обзоры, репортажи на WePlay! Самые актуальные новости!

Group E results:

  • Shana (2) vs. Hyped (1)
  • Berry (2) vs. dpmlicious (0)
  • Shana (2) vs. Berry (1)
  • Hyped (1) vs. dpmlicious (2)
  • dpmlicious (1) vs. Berry (2)

Group F results:

  • Xixo (1) vs. Teddy (2)
  • Luminous (2) vs. Stormlike (0)
  • Teddy (0) vs. Luminous (2)
  • Xixo (1) vs Stormlike (2)
  • Stormlike (2) vs. Teddy (1)

Group E

Shana (2) vs. Hyped (1)
(Initial match)

Shana opened the first game with Time of Triumph on the first lane forcing Hyped out of it. The American player still managed to knock down the remaining two lanes while Shana was racing for the Ancient. Next game started slowly as none of the players got the tools they wanted in their hand but eventually, Shana won the late game with ToTs and an EofQ deploy.

Game #3 started with a splash when Hyped drew Blade of Apotheosis through The Golden Ticket from the Side Shop. Next turn Shana drew Vesture of the Tyrant from the Side Shop as well, which mattered more than the blade and screwed the Mono-Blue of Hyped. The game was over by mana turn seven.

Berry (2) vs. dpmlicious (0)
(Initial match) 

dpmlicious couldn’t catch a break during the first game with bad card draws lost at mana turn eight. I’ve mentioned in the group predictions that she didn’t run a single copy of Unearthed Secrets in her ramp deck and had no card draw options. In the second game, Berry used Enough Magic! in a very opportune moment and stalled dpm’s ToT until it was too late.

Shana (2) vs. Berry (1)
(Winners’ match) 

The first game had a huge turning point when Berry used Primal Roar to send two enemy heroes to a lane that had already been sacked. Shana capitalised on the shift and used the additional resources to raze the Ancient. Berry was luckier vs Red-Black and sent the series into the rubber match.

Shana developed very wide boards on the first and second lane in the third game and Berry couldn’t find the right answer in time. It ended at mana turn 7.

Hyped (1) vs. dpmlicious (2)
(Losers’ match) 

dpmlicious opened with her Red-Black aggro while Hyped turned to his Mono-Blue. The Korean player raced against the stalling tactics and couldn’t close out the game in time. She also was unlucky with the card draws again, not getting any copies of The Oath or the Disciple of Nevermore till very late in the game. Hyped closed the game with Bolt of Damocles.

In the second game, dpmlicious finally drew Time of Triumph and had Selemene’s Favour developed on a lane with four heroes, but Hyped stopped her from using it for two rounds straight with Enough Magic!. dpm still won the game and sent the series to the final game.

The aggro deck of dpmlicious crushed Hyped in game #3, while he was struggling to find a single Stars Align to ramp up for ToT. This is the end of the run Hyped had in MT:A.

dpmlicious (1) vs. Berry (2)
(Decider match) 

dpmlicious applied heavy pressure during the second turn of the first game and managed to keep the presence on the second lane as well, while Berry struggled with the third lane. The game ended at mana turn seven.

Both players developed early Mist of Avernus in the middle lane. A couple of turns later, Berry double downed on Mist and fortified his position on the lane. He closed the game with a two consecutive Primal Roars and forced the final match.

In the third game, Berry discarded ToT with Coup de Grace to gain control over a lane. He also developed a good board on the third lane and won without needing the late-game tools.

Congratulations to Berry and Shana on winning group E!

Group F

Xixo (1) vs. Teddy (2)
(Initial match) 

Xixo had a pretty good hand at the start of the first game and developed EotQ at mana turn five.

Take a look at this tricky scenario Teddy ended up with next turn:

If he holds (-1 gold) and finds Payday next round to get double Vesture of the Tyrant, he can get up to four of them with the …And One for Me copies in his hand. He chose to buy the copy from his shop, rather than from Secret Shop. That facilitated three copies of Vesture, one per each lane. Xixo somehow made a game out of that scenario, but Teddy bought Horn of the Alfa and used the third copy of …And One for Me on that item to finish the game.

Teddy had a lot of high rolls, but it wasn’t enough to stop XiXo’s aggro in the next game. When it came to Mono-Blue vs. Red-Green ramp though, Teddy played like a seasoned veteran to outplay and outroll Xixo on all fronts. The game ended at mana turn 10 with Bolt of Damocles.

Luminous (2) vs. Stormlike (0)
(Initial match) 

Stormlike roped out during game one, making it the first loss to a timer in the tournament. The second game was a “mirror” between two Red-Black decks. Luminous bust out early Assault Ladders on two lanes and set a high tempo for the game. Stormlike was close to stabilising around mana turn eight, but he was out of tools by that time and lost.

Teddy (0) vs. Luminous (2)
(Winners' match) 

At mana turn 7 Teddy picked up Horn of the Alpha and copied it with … And One for Me. That almost turned the game, but Luminous finished it out thanks to several Ogre Multicasts.

In the next match, Luminous applied the familiar high-tempo strategy for the second game, spreading Assault Ladders and bringing towers’ health very low. By the time Teddy drew the necessary tools, he had lost one tower and was below 20 on the rest. The game ended by mana turn eight.

Xixo (1) vs Stormlike (2)
(Losers’ match) 

Xixo had a good start at the first game, but he lacked the eight-mana tools that are key to the ramp decks. Stormlike drew ToT right when he needed it and then closed the game with topdecked Enough Magic. Game #2 started very bad for Xixo as he lost all his heroes in early rounds. He managed to stabilise and snatch the victory with a clutch Jasper Daggers equip.

In the third game, Xixo opened with The Oath on the first turn, and next turn Stormlike answered with double Trebuchet on the same lane. Xixo had to bail out from that lane and contest the other two with multiple copies of Disciple of Nevermore. Stormlike let go of one lane but killed the other two.

Stormlike (2) vs. Teddy (1)
(Decoder match) 

Stormlike ramped up to ToT on mana turn five and was able to cast it on four heroes. That gave Teddy space to populate the other two lanes and clip the second tower. The point of contention switched to lane #3, which isn’t a comfortable scenario for Mono-Blue. Teddy managed to force out a tie with a broad board vs. ToT siege damage.

During the repeat game, Stormlike played one of his dinosaurs in an opportune moment and used Enough Magic! to prevent Annihilation to close the game.

Teddy decided to switch to his Blue-Black gold rush deck for the second game and produced five (!) copies of Vesture of the Tyrant with ...And One for Me.

When game #3 ended, Teddy  had several stall tolls in his hand. Unfortunately, he never managed to use them, and Stormlike will be moving on to the next stage of the tournament.

Congratulations to Stormlike and Luminous on winning group F.

Did you enjoy watching the games today? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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