Архроникус, том третий

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Архроникус, том 3 ⚡⚡⚡ Киберспортивные новости, аналитика, обзоры, репортажи на WePlay! Самые актуальные новости!

An arrow flew from the impenetrable darkness of an empty room. A deadly shell pierced Khiron's chest in the blink of an eye. The traveler fell on one knee and grabbed the pole at first, but then immediately drew back his hand - frost glittered on his fingers.

"Thief," a deep female voice, filled with cold and contempt, located the archer in the hood.

Her squad appeared in a weak circle of light a moment later: six warriors armed with longbows. The leader took off the hood, showing the snow-white strands, and the emerald light of the demonic blade flashed in her eyes.

"I will take Eaglesong from your corpse."

Abzidian turned his horned head toward uninvited guests and tried to stand up, clumsily brandishing a deadly blade. His roar like a descending avalanche filled the casemate:

"Who dares to break into my property?"

"Calm down, artisan," the blond answered cold-bloodedly, "we are here not for your horns."

And she reached for the arrow in the quiver.

The demon has finally rebounded, spreading his powerful arms, he fluttered his wings and flew up to the ceiling of the Forge. A creepy grin on his face made the archers finally switch their attention from their victim to this new unforeseen obstacle. Abzidian seemed to burn from the inside. Hellfire filled his veins, muscle fibers, pores. The gigantic figure of the monster, reddening like inflating coal, caught their eyes and aroused admiration. The cave vibrated from the demon's roar, and small rocks fell from the arch of the Forge:

"Behold my rage!"

Seconds of delay became fatal to the archers' squad. Abzidian attacked with deadly efficiency. The female warrior only managed to jump to the side and threw the heavy quiver under her feet - she had no time to get an arrow from it. Having pulled an ice shell, the archer assessed the situation. Each swing of an Abzidian's emerald double-edged blade was taking the life of one of her companions.

"It cannot be," the white tattooed lips whispered, "what makes this old devil so powerful?"

The blade. The emerald blade. The fatal weapon seemed to be leading its master itself. The archer's gaze followed its complicated trajectory, but not to attack - to go into the shadows on time: a purple dagger was hidden in the warrior's boot. Remaining the last of her squad, the archer jumped out of her hiding place and, making sure that the demon rushed towards her in the heat of rage, squeezed the artifact in her palm and whispered a spell.

The blade, which tasted blood, couldn't stop in time, and, completing the destructive trajectory, glared at the flesh of its creator. The distraught Abzidian couldn't stop - the blade urged for blood, so Abzidian lost control of it and pierced himself. In the end, the mutilated demon fell on the knees. Shaking crippled wings, the infernal smith wheezed out:

"The perfect blade ... The best weapon …"

Abzidian's body fell to the stone floor with a rumble - hellish energy no longer fed the Forge. Cracks ran along the age-old stone towers holding the cave ceiling. The blond archer jumped down onto the back of the defeated enemy. Neither the emerald sword which she and the sisters had been tracking for so long nor the prey in the face of the "thief" was found near the defeated demon’s body.

And only the ear of the forest warrior could hear the whisper of the spell cast in the rumble of the inevitable avalanche. Where a wounded traveler fell a few minutes ago, having so incorrectly calculated the time of his visit, there was a runic golden disk from which an ice arrow was sticking out — her arrow. With no hesitation out, the archer rushed up with a cry of despair. She jumped and pulled an arrow that was picked up right on a battlefield in the midair - it would be too long to search for the quiver. 

A glow of a quick teleport erupted behind one of the columns. The "prey" tries to escape unseen. The archer had no chance of a second shot. The warrior instantly calculated the trajectory and fired in a shell on the wall, where exhibition arms samples forged by the killed demon shook from the collapse of the cave. As expected, the shield reflected the arrow, but it flew a little lower and, however, hit the hip of the escaping target. After a brief moment, the traveler fell into the wet grass of the Nightsilver Woods. A demonic cave collapsed somewhere on the Seventh Circle of Hell.

* * * 

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Volume 3: Mad Moon.

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