Концовка The Outer Worlds будет схожа с Fallout: New Vegas

Июл 02 2019 2 min read

Концовка The Outer Worlds будет схожа с Fallout: New Vegas ⚡⚡⚡ Игровые и киберспортивные новости, аналитика, обзоры, репортажи на WePlay! Самые актуальные новости!

In an interview with VGCThe Outer Worlds co-director Leonard Boyarsky explains what will determine the game's "drastically different" endings. "There are two basic paths at the end: whether you sided with Phineas or The Board," he said. 

"After that you get a whole series of slides that talk about the results of your actions and the consequences of the choices you made throughout the whole game," Boyarsky added. 

These two core paths are the first indicator for the player's possible ending. Their actions in the game world now adding more to the mix to determine what the final outcome will be. 

Boyarsky admitted at the time he could not give an exact figure to the number of endings that exist in the game, which should be a good thing. The more possibilities that exist in it is sure to increase the game's replay value. 

The slides at the end of the game make up the ending players get and will highlight the people you interacted with, the locations you visited, how you completed certain quests and ultimately what future you create for the colony. 

Come October 25, players will get to experience The Outer Worlds for themselves and eventually put a number to the various endings available. 

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