Чемпион TI8 «сгорел» в паблике и начал оскорблять русских игроков

Май 24 2019 2 min read
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There’s another Reddit drama going on right now after one of the users has posted the screenshots of Sébastien “Ceb” Debs (aka 7ckngMad) roasting and insulting Russian players in Dota 2. Ceb was playing a public match where he let a few offensive comments towards Russian players in general slip into the chat.

It is worth mentioning that Sébastien is the winner of The International 2018 along with his team OG; and while the whole situation is rather controversial, no one has the right to express the emotions in such a way. There’re a few screenshots below, but first, let’s examine the story that’s led to the insults in question. Playing as Nyx Assassin, Ceb “stole” Aegis from his Storm Spirit teammate. As a result, the player immediately tilted stating that he had no further desire to play. After 7ckngmad had managed to die with Aegis twice, the atmosphere in the team explosively heated up. A series of mutual insults eventually led to Storm Spirit stating that Ceb was one of the worst players in the game, and in response to that, the huge ego of Sébastien made him call the whole Dota 2 Russian gaming community (and his teammate in particular) whores, animals, etc.



Storm Spirit (the Russian player by the nickname LVR) shared the whole experience on Reddit. While it was an obviously emotional action by Ceb, he was rather fast to understand that he was in danger of being punished by Valve and OG for what he’d done. He reached the former teammate LVR with apologies and a request to delete the Reddit post. LVR, an innocent sweet soul, accepted the apologies agreed to do what he was asked.

Sébastien’s fears of possible penalties and further negative effects on his professional career are reasonable, as something like that happened in the past with sad results for the famous players involved. Luckily for 7ckngMad, he managed to settle the conflict down in time, and he’s also posted a public apology towards the Russian community. The drama keeps on going, though.

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