Профиль команды: NAVI Junior

Июл 22 2021 5 min read

Профиль команды NAVI Junior. Знакомимся поближе с триумфаторами последних дней

As promised, the VP.Prodigy team profile was just the start of this series. The next academy team whose players we will carefully and thoroughly study is that of the CIS powerhouse Natus Vincere - NAVI Junior. After reading this article, you’ll have a great understanding of this young NAVI lineup.

The players

Ilya "m0NESY" Osipov

Age: 16

Place of residence: Orekhovo-Zuevo, Russia.

CS:GO Experience: Over 5 years of play.

Rank: 10 level of FACEIT, 4100 ELO, FPL player.

Role: AWPer.

Main achievement: Joining NAVI Junior.

Current goal: Prove himself during WePlay Academy League.

Favourite teams: NAVI and Gambit Esports.

Main source of inspiration: Rodion "fear" Smyk, NAVI Junior’s IGL. m0NESY mentions fear's work ethic, discipline and his involvement in sports.

Advice for his younger self: Don’t relax too much ahead of games and avoid getting complacent. 


First important tournament: HardCup #1 where m0NESY placed second with NewBALLS, a team formerly led by VP.P's captain, Alexey "RuFire" Burakov.

First acquaintance among pro players: m0NESY first met Nikita "waterfaLLZ" Matveyev through FACEIT.

How he joined NAVI Junior: The team’s coach, Amiran "ami" Rekhviashvili, contacted and invited him.

What he got from joining NAVI Junior: A huge media boost, gaming peripherals, and a team that feels like a second family.

First impression of the team: He instantly felt a connection with the team. m0NESY also considers ami to be a tough but fair coach.

Fun facts:

  • He became the AWPer simply because no one else was on his level.
  • After he became a pro, his parents started to support him more actively. His friends and teammates are supportive as well.

Expectations of WAL: It’s a completely new experience. He wants to qualify for the LAN finals so that he gets to learn what it feels like to step onto the grand stage. 


Evgenii "Aunkere" Kariat

Age: 20

Place of residence: Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Was born in Petrozavodsk.

CS:GO Experience: 5-6 years of play.

Role: Rifler.

Rank: Level 10 on FACEIT, got promoted to FPL twice.

Current goal: Win WePlay Academy League.

Global goal: Growth in every possible aspect - esports, social media, real life.

Advice for his younger self: Pay more attention to the details and have a more professional approach. 


First important tournament: A local LAN in Petrozavodsk where he took 2nd or 3rd place. Aunkere remembers it because he was called a cheater there.

First impression of the team: He was shocked by ami’s professionalism. His future coach had everything planned in advance, and he follows through on his plans. The rest of the team impressed him as well, but less so because there were 10 players initially.

Fun facts: 

  • When ami was assembling the NAVI Junior squad, he was asking everyone what their preferred roles were. After multiple changes, Aunkere discovered that he was happiest as a rifler.

  • Considers NAVI to be the best club because of how they treat the players and their loyalty.

  • After going pro, he decided to fully commit to the game and postponed his studies.

Expectations of WAL: Aunkere believes that WePlay Academy League will have a lot of impact on both the teams and players.


Sergey "pogor3lov" Pogorelov

Age: 16

Place of residence: Nikolaev, Ukraine.

CS:GO Experience: 4 years of play.

Rank: Level 10 on FACEIT, 4000 ELO.

Role: Rifler.

Biggest achievement: Joining NAVI Junior.

Current goal: To win WAL.


First important tournament: The ESEA Cash Cups with NAVI Junior. The team even won one of these.

First impression of team: Very positive!


Rodion "fear" Smyk

Age: 20

CS:GO Experience: Around 5 years of play.

Place of residence: Gorodok, Ukraine.

Rank: Level 10 on FACEIT, plays in FPL.

Role: IGL.

Biggest achievements: Joining NAVI Junior.

Current goal: To learn how to smile with eyes.

Advice for his younger self: Don’t take single results so personally, be more patient because you will improve with time.



First impression of the team: Felt anxious. He especially remembers the moment he saw ami and Andrii "B1ad3" Gorodenskyi in person for the first time.

What he got by joining NAVI Junior: A boost in his individual skills. The feeling of paying CS:GO professionally allowed him to pay more attention to himself, his individual game and his team’s performance.

Training methods: Five or six scrims with the team and one or two individual PUGs on FACEIT.

Fun fact:

  • Became an IGL, because he was previously the captain of his football team.

Expectations of WAL: Emerging victorious and growing personally


Daniil "Synyx" Mazur

Age: 16

CS:GO Experience: 3 years of play.

Rank: Level 10 on FACEIT, was invited to FPL.

Role: Rifler.

Current goal: Performing well in WAL.


First acquaintance among pro players: He met Kevin "HS" Tarn in a FACEIT game.

How he joined NAVI Junior:  Met fear during an FPL game. After several matches together, Synyx was invited to join the team.

Expectations of WAL: He sees it as an opportunity to improve at the game.


Daniil "headtr1ck" Valitov

Age: 17

CS:GO Experience: 7 years

Place of residence: Kyiv, Ukraine.

Rank: Level 10 on FACEIT, 4300 ELO.

Role: Substitute.

Biggest achievement: Winning an ESEA Cash Cup.

Current goal: To get experience in official matches

Global goal: To improve and reach the tier one level, become a top player and win a CS:GO Major.

Advice for his younger self: Never give up. And start watching replays earlier so that he can get the necessary experience faster.


First important tournament: When he was 13 he visited his first LAN. headtr1ck has loved CS and the LAN atmosphere ever since.

How he joined NAVI Junior: Met ami in an internet cafe and after a conversation, the coach invited him to join the team. According to headtr1ck, he couldn’t believe that he had been invited for a long time.

First impression of the team: He values his teammates really highly and is very happy with his current team.

Fun fact: 

  • After becoming a pro ,everything changed. He is fully focused on the game and using this opportunity to prove himself.

Expectations of WAL: Professional growth.


As we mentioned at the start, this was an in-depth team profile. Which team will we cover next? You’ll just need to keep an eye on our website and social media to find out!



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