Тактический гайд по CS:GO на все случаи для скаута-вредителя

Апр 20 2019 8 min read

Тактический гайд по CS:GO на все случаи для скаута-вредителя ⚡⚡⚡ Игровые и киберспортивные новости, аналитика, обзоры, репортажи на WePlay! Самые актуальные новости!

Scouts, be ready to formation! WePlay! reminds that we all joined the CS:GO battle fraternity. Our will is strong, our nerves are trained, our reflexes are worked out, our mind is cold. The time has come to remind you of the body of laws to which every scout who wants to be a professional saboteur is obliged to obey.

Well-coordinated and competent players’ interaction on the map, good shooting and concentration is the fate of narrow-minded. You are a scout, and your strength is unpredictability. Now you will learn how a real wrecker should act.

Scout is honest and truthful

There is only one law for every scout! You should show by your example of how a scout should behave in any critical situation. Combat fraternity doesn’t tolerate hypocrisy.

After entering the server, immediately tell your teammates the whole truth about their family, give a fair assessment of their skill and shout “RUSH B”. And no matter which side you start.

In case of a lost pistol round, honestly admit to the opponent's chat that your team is terrible, they are not worthy of a player like you. Prove your speech with the secret encryption "gg". It’s the only way to recognise the same agents as you’re among the crowd of the strangers.

A veteran scout (right) politely explains to his teammate (left) how to warm up a cold hand with his breath

Scout helps fellowmen

If your sniper has sat down in a position and aims a probable enemy - stand in front of him and close his sight. Protect him from all the horrors of war, and he shouldn’t see this cruelty. Cover your friend with your body and take a hit on yourself.

Stand straight behind your teammate, while moving through narrow aisles. If you see that he feels insecure and is trying to give back - brace him, pushing forward. Your partner will feel the support, the warmth of your body, your powerful pistol in a holster, it will awaken courage, and he will run forward screaming to catch grenades and enemy bullets.

Each scout is obliged to take care of his teammate and friend, to think for him and push him for new challenges

Scout is a friend and brother to every other scout

Remember - this is one of the essential rules. During the match, when moving in pairs on the map, always wait for an ambush or an unexpected attack of the enemy. Send your teammate for reconnaissance at the first sign of danger - it’s better him to take the hit than you.

If the enemy turned out to be stronger and your bro flew out dead from behind the wall, never follow his path! Run back in a panic, intelligently explaining in a voice chat that your mate was wrong. Don’t you dare to die for the glory of the team, because you’re the only one for your mother. Hide around the corner and sit there until the end of the round, longing for a ruined combat brotherhood.

A newbie scout is afraid to look out from behind a corner in the basement of a de_mirage map after the teammate’s death

Scout accurately executes his captain orders

After the game start, conduct a quick reconnaissance to spot the teammate who is trying to be an in-game leader. First, make a severe facial expression and declare in the chat that you won’t let the pretentious stranger command such a significant gamer as you’re.

Remember, the only legal captain for you is yourself. Listen to the voices in your head, and only their orders can be considered legitimate. If they whisper to you mindlessly be killed at A point, then - do it!

CVisual presentation of RUSH B tactics on any map

If there was a glitch and you had another in-game leader, who is totally going crazy and offered to rush B for 15 rounds in a row - obey. You came to play here, not to think. After all, everyone knows that their initiative may be punished. Don’t try to influence the round - just do it.

Scout is polite and helpful

You are the part of the combat fraternity. If your teammate asks you to throw a flash to him to make a lunge - explain to him politely that he is wrong and where he should go. Whisper “don’t peek” in a voice chat and stay in a cosy corner, thinking about the eternity.

You have to be polite not only with teammates but also with opponents. Always throw smoke at the start on the de_mirage map. After all, it may happen that the guy from the CT-side will have a good respawn in the window and he wants to jump into the basement, but his friends can cut him. Every life is valuable - even the enemy’s, so just help him with your smoke.

It’s better to throw flashes in your teammate faces, not the enemy, to maintain balance on the map. Be useful to everyone, scout!

Scout is a friend of nature!

Every scout is obliged to take care of nature and protect it from illegal encroachment.

You should be vigilant and try to inspect the surrounding area to find out the presence of pests under the codename "chicken" while playing on de_inferno map. They are harmless at first sight, but it's a trick. While you are preparing an attack in one of the directions, such living creatures will inevitably come across at your feet. They will distract your attention with their activity, make you lose watchfulness and give away your position.

Your main task is to leave your teammates in the face of danger and go to collect a chicken herd on the map to kill them all with an automatic burst under ominous laughter accompaniment. Don’t pay attention to your team calls: they know nothing in this game.

Predators have stymied an inexperienced player and are preparing for a deadly attack

Scout is thrifty and respects someone's property

When one of your teammates dropped an AWP to another, try to grab it. You know better how to handle it, and you definitely will try to keep it in one piece. Take on this heavy burden. If a conflict situation arises, use the tips from the scout's truthfulness law.

If a bomb appeared in your hands when playing for the attacking side, and you managed to break into one of its locations, don’t you dare to set the charge! The explosion can damage authentic landscapes and strategic objects that many people have worked to create. It is better to go to find the enemy's support with a bomb behind your back and politely die in a position where your team cannot take the package.

Scout is hardworking and persistent

CS:GO doesn’t tolerate lazy people and those who surrender after another failure. If the enemy is “strangling” you over and over again from some position - don’t give up trying to push it. Don’t try to help your team on other areas of the map, better continue the attack on the villain every round, and you will definitely succeed. At least once in 15 rounds, but you will do it!

Show perseverance towards the team. If you see an inexperienced scout who hasn’t set himself a day and he has low kills statistics in the game - vote to kick him off the server, even if the rest of the teammates disagree with you. Perhaps you will succeed after a certain number of attempts.

A newbie scout aggressively trying to impose his game on the enemy

Scout is cheerful and always present a bold front

Team morality is one of the necessary conditions for winning the map. If it is on a high level, then you will be able to deal with any opponent. Raise yours and your teammates’ morale in every way.

Did you die? Begin to give hints to your friends, what to do, where to go and which grenade to throw. Your partner stayed 1-vs-1 with the enemy? Begin to express your assumptions, where the enemy may be and, preferably, louder, so that your teammate cannot hear the enemy's recharge or steps at the right moment.

Make dirty jokes during the round, sing the songs and turn on the music in the voice chat. All these actions will lead to the fact that your team is imbued with the carnival atmosphere, which you arranged, and will be a step closer to victory.

Random scout in matchmaking demonstrates impetuous fun and inspires the team with positive

Scout is humble

Try not to stand out during a combat mission. Don’t communicate with your team and don’t give information in the voice chat. You can attract a lot of attention to yourself this way, and your team will lose concentration. Silence is a scout's best friend!

Don’t respond to requests to give a drop, if you have a lot of money. It’s incredibly indecent to show off your wealth and extremely hypocritical to present yourself as a philanthropist. Buy at a minimum in the round, save the money, run with one gun or any other device that costs less than $2000.

That's all for now, scout, lights out! You can read this material from our headquarters in your spare time. You’ll learn why esports is often compared with traditional sports and what comes of it.

We remind you of all the information about our current Forge of Masters. WePlay! League can be found here.

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