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From Software projects have always been a (very) difficult challenge not only for trophy-hunters to explore the game world by 100% but for the fans to simply complete the main plot. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is no exception. In addition to clearing the locations of all available bosses, upgrading all the prosthesis' tools and unlocking the full skill tree, you will need to rerun the story at least four times (or use the backup saves) in order to complete the game with several endings. We will tell you how to correctly use your time to get platinum in the guide below — with visual clues. 

Say thanks to PowerPyx and PS4 Trophies YouTube-channels. 



Unlock all trophies.



Man Without Equal 

Defeat all bosses

You need to kill all the main bosses (after defeating each of them, the One-Armed Wolf gets +1 to Attack). And the mini-bosses but they have no effect on getting this trophy. You can't find all the bosses in one game completion since some of them appear only in the Shura and Purification endings. This trophy is accumulative. 

Ashina Traveler

Traveled to all areas of the game. 

You can get it with the first completion on any of the endings, except for the Shura

Master of the Prosthetic 

Upgraded all Prosthetic Tools to their limit.

You can check all the information about the resources and how to get them in this text.

Height of Technique

Acquired all skills.

We'll have to do the farm. To get experience quickly, go to the Hidden Forest location, or the Ashina Reservoir, the Sempo Temple on Mt. Kongo — these would suit you. Kill the creeps, rest at the idol, repeat.  


All Prosthetic Tools 

Acquired all Prosthetic Tools.

Watch PowerPyx's guide on how to unlock this trophy:

All Ninjutsu Techniques

Acquired all Ninjutsu Techniques.

You'll need to kill Genechiro Ashina, Folding Screen Monkeys and two Guardian Apex as they drop the required techniques. 

Peak Physical Strength 

Upgraded Vitality and Posture to their limit. 

40 thousand prayer bead. This one is also better be seen in a video, again, thanks to PowerPyx:

Ultimate Healing Gourd 

Fully upgraded the "Healing Gourd".

9 gourd seeds required. PowerPyx:

Immortal Severance 

Attained the "Immortal Severance" ending.    


Attained the "Purification" ending.

Dragon's Homecoming 

Attained the "Dragon's Homecoming" ending.

Shura / Сура 

Attained the "Shura" ending.

Sword Saint, Isshin Ashina 

Defeated "Sword Saint Isshin Ashina".

This is the final boss of the game. Except for "Shura" ending. 

Master of the Arts 

Grasped the inner mysteries of any combat style. Obtain any Combat Art.

It is required to upgrade the last skill in any combat style branch. It is not necessary to open all the rest.

Lazuline Upgrade 

Used Lapis Lazuli to upgrade any tool to its limit. Upgrade any Tool to maximum.

Unlocks on the way to All Prosthetic Tools trophy. 


Revered Blade 

Received the "Kusabimaru" from Kuro.

Shinobi Prosthetic 

Acquired the Shinobi Prosthetic.

Memorial Mob 

Encountered the Memorial Mob.

There are several mobs, the third one will be impossible to miss. If you want to get a trophy at an early stage of the game — use the video from PS4 Trophies:


Returned from the dead using "Resurrection" for the first time.

Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa  

Defeated "Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa".

Gyoubu Oniwa (and his battle horse) is the game's first main plot boss. We've made a guide on how to make him suffer. 

The Phantom Lady Butterfly

Defeated "Lady Butterfly".

And we've got a guide on Lady too.  

Genichiro Ashina 

Defeated "Genichiro Ashina".

This is about the victory as the story progresses, not at the first meeting with Genichiro. Both battles are detailed here.

Guardian Ape

Defeated the "Guardian Ape".

Ape is not so hard. Still, we do our job. 

Guardian Ape Immortality Severed  

Used the Mortal Blade to sever the Guardian Ape's undying.

This is about the victory over the second Guardian Ape. After the fight, you need to finish the ape with the Blade of the Immortals. If you don't have this item at the time you fight the boss, you can return later.     

Folding Screen Monkeys  

Caught the Folding Screen Monkeys.

Check our guide on the issue

Great Shinobi - Owl 

Defeated "Great Shinobi - Owl" 

This boss will come in your way right before the End.

Father Surpassed 

Defeated "Great Shinobi - Owl" at the Hirata Estate (Purification Ending)

The second fight with the Owl will happen once you choose Purification ending during the re-return to Hirata Estate.

Corrupted Monk 

Defeated the "Corrupted Monk".

Read about the Monk here.

Gracious Gift of Tears

Defeated the "Divine Dragon" and obtained the "Divine Dragon's Tears".

Isshin Ashina 

Defeated "Isshin Ashina".

Demon of Hatred 

Defeated the "Demon of Hatred".

Great Serpent 

Defeated the "Great Serpent".

Great Colored Carp 

Defeated the "Great Colored Carp".

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