Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice: гайд по предметам и улучшениям

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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is one of the most difficult games of recent years, which will cause a lot of headaches even for players who have studied previous From Software projects A to Z. In the text below, we will talk about all the resources for improvements that can simplify the process of completing the game, as well as help you find the most useful items.

Where to find more Divine Confetti?

Moving along the plot of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, you will very quickly find some opponents who cannot be defeated with ease. Most of them require correct tactics' selection and studying the move-list, but some will require special items. As always in From Software's projects, after an unsuccessful attempt to defeat the boss using additional loot, you should not rely on its automatic recovery. You will need to look for it again. 

Divine Confetti will be useful in battles with Headless, Shichimen Warrior and O'Rin of the Water. At the beginning of the game, they can be found in the Hirata Manor. Once you get to the main hall of the temple, you should look around. At one point, the One-Armed Wolf will encounter a large group of enemies. After killing the squad to the right, you can find an open door behind which is stored 2 units of Divine Confetti.

Then, after defeating the Juzou Drunkard, you can enter the Auditorium area. There are several enemies at the left to the entrance. In the same corridor, there is a wall to which you can lean against and follow along to get to the secret room. Inside, you will find a prayer ball and some more Divine Confetti.

You can also farm Divine Confetti from enemies. There's a small dropping chance if you kill the samurai in blue clothes at the Upper Tower of Ashina Castle. Clear this location, then rest near the Carver's idol and use the Mibu Possesion Baloon to increase the dropping chance.

If you don't want to waste time farming, you can simply buy additional Divine Confetti from Fujioka the Info Broker, who settles in the Dilapidated Temple after you clear the Ashina Castle's facade. When you kill the Fallen Nun, Fujioka will have an unlimited amount of Confetti in his 'locker'. 

Where to find more Snapseeds?

The main purpose of Snapseeds is to disperse the projections imposed by Lady Butterfly in the second phase of the battle. They are also indispensable against ghosts in the fight with the Fallen Nun.

The most accessible place where you can get more Snapseeds is the mountain gorge, where the One-Armed Wolf met the Giant Serpent. Go back to the tent where you've hit the boss's eye. Don't worry about any sudden appearance of this boss — it will never return here anymore.

At the top of the hill, there is a highlighted item — a hidden box with 5 units of Snapseeds.

If you'll need more of them later, you can find them in the Sunken Valley, nearby Riven Cave and the Bodhisattva Valley. After defeating the Fallen Nun, they will be available at Fujioka's shop. 

How to make more Sen?

Sen is Sekiro's local currency. All merchants accept it so you can acquire many useful items. Sen is an important resource in the game and there are several ways to get it. However, it's worth being careful, because once you die  — literally half of the accumulated coins will be irretrievably lost. 

  • The easiest and fastest way to earn Sen is to sell items to one of the many merchants scattered around the game world. It is worth getting rid of only what you won't longer need because some loot can be very difficult to get again.

  • After killing an enemy in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, you can get some stuff from his pockets. Most often mobs carry a few coins, and sometimes — additional items. If you want, and need, you can farm and rest and farm and rest at the Sculptor's idols once exterminating groups of enemies nearby. 

  • Sometimes you can find wallets with money — they don't disappear after death. This is why we recommend spending the main money first and only then the contents of these bags. 

Craft and upgrades

The player gets access to prosthesis' upgrade menu only after the victory over Gyoubu Oniwa and his battle horse. Then the Carver will be able to improve Wolf's equipment in exchange for resources — and at any time.  

Where to find Scrap Iron?

Scrap Iron is the basic resource for improvements and is the easiest to find. After a certain point of progress, this object will drop from many ordinary opponents, and we recommend using the Mibu Possession Baloon to increase the drop chances.

  • You can find one unit right behind the spot where the battle with the Chained Ogre took place, the ditch behind Tenzen Yamauchi.
  • Once you beat Gyoubu Oniwa, you can find some iron in the next area.
  • Defeat the Blazing Bull to find yourself in the Ashina sanctuary. Turn left and enter the gate. Then you need to open the door, go down below and head right to the second door.
  • Kill the Lone Shadow Longswordsman in the sewers and take one more item stack at the end of the mist.
  • Nex,t you need to get into the ancient dungeon under the Ashina's temple. Having found the shrine in the canal, on the left you can also find some resources.
  • At the beginning of the way to the top of the main tower of Ashina's Castle, pay attention to the side room with two opponents. Defeat them and get some iron.
  • Not far from the same castle while searching the "rat" there is some iron around the corner to the left.

Where to find Black Gunpowder?

Black Gunpowder is also quite regularly used for upgrades, most often it drops out of opponents who use shooting weapons or after when you beat the Giraffe, Lone Shadow Longswordsman and Giant with the bell. The largest cluster is in the fort (Gun Fort). Resources are scattered both on the outer rocks and inside the building.

Where to find Yellow Gunpowder?

Yellow Gunpowder is much more rare resource than the one described above. You can find it in the hidden boxes, which can be accessed after killing the Giraffe and the Snake Eyes Shirafuji. You can also find some at the Fortress, the Hidden Forest and at the very end of the Mibu Village. 

Where to find Scrap Magnetite?

The magnetite drops after you kill the Giant with the bell at the entrance to the dungeon, Ashina's Elite Fighter Jinsuke Saze at the Ashina Tower and Lone Shadow Longswordsman in the sewers. Also, some units can be found on the cliffs near the Fortress (in the same place as the Black Gunpowder), next to the Shrine of the Valley of Desolation, on the arm of a huge Buddha statue next to the Shrine of the Ashina's Depths, and after you save your master from the Genchiro. 

Lump of Fat Wax

There are only 4 areas where you can find this resource. Three of them are located on Mt. Kongo. The first — in a room with a large number of monks, who are guarded by a giant with a hammer. The second — in a small temple, located behind a group of opponents in straw hats. And finally, the third zone is located directly behind the sage next to a large statue in the main hall.

A little more wax can be found in the Misty Forest before the Mist Noble location. 

Lump of Grave Wax

This item drops only after defeating the Mist Noble. 

Where to find Adamantite Scrap?

This resource is found only in the final stages of the game and used to unlock Tier 4 prothesis upgrades. For the first time, the Wolf will find it on a farm near the Mibu Village, defeating two giants with hammers. In the same village there is a secret entrance, the scrap is at the back of it. The last fragment can be picked at the Shrine of the Shattered Cavern's exit.

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