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Folding Screen Monkeys are perhaps the most unusual boss battle in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. We can't say that each of them really seems to be a formidable enemy, far superior in strength and skills than One-Armed Wolf, but all of the four requires an individual approach. 

Before the battle starts, the Monk will give you some brief information about the Green, Purple, Orange and White Invisible Monkeys. Then it is best to separate them, starting to move aggressively around the arena. They will scatter in different directions, and it will be possible to proceed to the next stage of the fight, which includes the hidden pursuit of each of them alone. This battle is familiar to those who defeated Shadow of Yharnam in Bloodborne.  

It is better to start with the Orange Monkey, as the Monk reported. According to his words, there is nothing special in it, besides the fact that once the Monkey sees the Wolf — it will start to panic. Just sneak up on it and make a critical hit. If, however, it was not possible to eliminate it silently — be prepared for the fact that the monkey will call on its kinsmen, who must be very careful to fight with, as they can do quite decent damage. Eliminate them one by one, and then attack the boss himself. 

The next target is the Green Monkey. The Monk warned us that it hears almost everything. There are actually two ways to deal with it. First, you can try to force it to the waterfall, where the sounds of your movement will merge with the sound of water. The second option is to move to the opposite side of the bridge, find a warning note that you should not ring the bell and neglect this advice. The Monkey will be temporarily stunned and opened to damage.

Purple Monkey can spot the hero from afar thanks to the excellent vision. Any thoughts? Yep — force it into a dark room, so there's no advantage. Go to the left tower and open the door. Wind will extinguish all sources of light inside. To make the Monkey run into the trap, climb to the top of the tower and attack from above. One exact strike will be enough. 

The White Invisible Monkey has been chasing the One-Armed Wolf throughout this battle, so you won't need extra time to find it. You could hear its steps periodically or notice contact with environmental elements. Equip a prosthesis improvement, which allows using firecrackers (it has already shown itself to be extremely useful in the battle with Gyobu Oniwa and his battle horse), then start applying them around you. Once hitting the target, the monkey will temporarily lose the invisibility so that you can make the final strike. 

If you have any difficulties, we recommend you to get acquainted with the video guide:

Source: Boss Fight Database

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