Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - как найти все Бусины для четок

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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - как найти все Бусины для четок ⚡⚡⚡ Игровые и киберспортивные новости, аналитика, обзоры, репортажи на WePlay! Самые актуальные новости!

Prayer beads in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice are needed to increase the health and Wolf's posture. Every four beads increase the parameters by one point. You can get these beads when fighting with mini-bosses, or find them in locations. We will tell where to get each of the beads in this text.

Ashina Outskirts

1. General Naomori Kawarada. It’s hard not to notice Gate Path: the only road from Idol leads there. The victory in this battle will get you not only the first bead in the game but the Gourd Seed too.  


Source: PowerPyx

2. Chained Ogre is mandatory mini-boss, so even the most inattentive shinobi will get this bead.

3. Tenzen Yamauchi located behind the building (Outskirts Wall - Stairway) after Chained Ogre. You can skip (the boss is relatively stable) the fight, but it's worth returning for the bead.

4. The access to the finding the fourth bead can be received after the battle with Gyoubu Oniwa. Go upstairs, using the hook, pull up on the boards. There will be a chest with a bead in the attic of the temple.

5. Blazing Bull is hard to skip, and the bead is yours after the fight.

Hirata Estate

6. Shinobi Hunter Enshin of Misen: initially, a battle with him isn’t necessary, but at some point, there will be no choice. The ordinary NPCs are near him, and it’s better to eliminate them. You need to make it quite so that Hunter won’t notice you. You can also skip the first Phase slowly - the first life is taken away by an attack from the back. In the second Phase, try to be near him and answer with Mikiri’s trick to his attacks. It can knock down Hunter’s concentration and bring you closer to the murder. There is a more comfortable way. After the first Phase, you can escape through the entire map (DO NOT TELEPORT, DO NOT EXIT FROM LOCATION) so that Hunter can lose the combat status. Then come back and just calmly kill him with stealth.


Source: Help Me. I'm Stuck

7. Juzou the Drunkard will be easier to defeat after complete “clearing” the location: kill all ordinary opponents, which only you can, slowly. Someone can be lured from afar and killed by shurikens. After that, you can call a fighter standing by the water (seriously, did someone memorises his name and status?) to help you get rid of Drunkard.

8. The next bead is in the building next to the same boss fight. Two enemies patrol the corridor on the left side of the building. Deal with them, lean against the wall with the banner and open the chest in a secret room. Gotcha!

Ashina Castle

9. General Kuranosuke Matsumoto. Kill all the shooters that surround him (for example, with the help of shuriken from the roof). Run as far as possible. When the music of the battle subsides, you can go back over the rooftops and make one fatal blow from above. The second life is a matter of technique. Good luck. 

10. Shikibu Toshikatsu Yamauchi located in front of the Moon Tower, near which the game begins. To knock down half of HP unnoticed, kill the enemy with a gong on the wall first.

11. Lone Shadow Longswordsman is sitting in the same Ashina Reservoir Well, where Wolf began his game.

12. Abandoned Dungeon Entrance Idol - you can buy a bead from a merchant for 1,400 Sen.

13. Upper Tower - Antechamber. Go to the main room, and then to the room on the right. Lean against the wall with the inscription - the bead is waiting for you.

14. Ashina Elite - Jinusuke Saze mini-boss. Upper Tower Idol - Ashina Dojo, next room. The fighter is fast, but you should be neat to decrease his concentration.

Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo

15. Armored Warrior is mandatory enemy, which is impossible to cause damage. The only way to win is to make him fall into the abyss.



16.  Long Arm Centipede Sen-Un. Temple Grounds Idol. Centipede is in a dark room, and the first HP can be torn down by a stealth attack from above.

17. The lake near Temple Grounds Sculptor's Idol. First, kill Corrupted Monk (an attack from above can skip the first 2 phases) and unblock the Mibu Breathing Technique. After that, you can find a payer bead at the bottom of the lake.

Sunken Valley

18. Under-Shrine Valley Sculptor's idol. Go back and get to the other side with a hook. There will be open terrain, ghosts and trophies, among which will be a bead.

19. Snake Eyes Shirafuji mini-boss will be in front of the bridge, where Wolf would be tried to shoot from afar. You can reach the boss from the Sunken Valley Idol, moving along the cliff. 


Source: Tyrannicon

20. Long-arm Centipede Giraffe is a mandatory mini-boss. You can win him with the help of parries: he will tear down the concentration scale very quickly by himself. During the attacks, that can’t be parried, jump to kick the enemy.

21. Right after the fight against Long-arm Centipede Giraffe, there will be the hole in the floor to the left of the statue - jump into it and go along the tunnel to the left. Next - a few hook movements, after which you will see opponents - they’ll guard the bead.

Ashina Depths

22. Snake Eyes Shirahagi mini-boss in the Poison Pools - you can get to it, clinging to the trees: so you won’t be poisoned. The first phase can be skipped by stab the enemy in the back, and the second should be implemented with a powerful blow from above: the shooter doesn’t have time to attack.


Source: Tyrannicon

23. The tunnel that opens after the victory over the Snake Eyes Shirahagi. Climb to the ledge on the left, reach the head of the statue - there is another prayer bead.

24. Tokujiro the Glutton will be further the main location road - you have to defeat him.

25. O'Rin of the Water mini-boss is behind the Watermill Idol. Stunner blows from above will help in the battle.



26. Go further the road after O'Rin of the Water, and find the house in the village, in which enslaved villagers are trying to break in. Get under it in a crouch and find the revolving floorboards. You will find a bead in the attic of this house.

27. Lake near the Mibu Village. You’ll find a chest with a prayer bead at the bottom.

Fountainhead Palace

It’s the location, which can be accessed only in case of refusal to obey to Great Shinobi Owl.

28. You have to defeat Sakura Bull of the Palace. He is less dangerous than his burning fellow. You can find him in a closed courtyard, not far from the Idol.

29. The bead dropped by Okami Leader Shizu. He is the most annoying opponent who throws lightning into the water. You can go around by Fountainhead Palace.


Source: Alessandra Borgonovo 

30. Great Coloured Carp Lake - the bead is located around the headless and a giant skeleton with glowing worms on it, at the bottom of the Lake. 

In the main game, these are all prayer beads. After completing the main storyline, you can get a few more, if you refuse to start a New Game +

31 and 32. Ashina Depths, Poison Pools Idol. Jump down and go to the right to the mine. There will be previously defeated Headless Ape. During the fight, it’ll call for one more. You kill both - you get two beads. Try to kill the brown monkey first: its concentration can be removed very quickly.



33. Upper Tower - Ashina Dojo. You’ll meet Lone Shadow Vilehand, sitting downstairs, which should be defeated and you’ll get another prayer bead. 

34. Upper Tower - Antechamber Sculptor's Idol. Jump into the hole next to the Idol, and you will find another Chained Ogre.

35. Ashina Castle, Great Serpent Shrine. Go to the spot, where Tengu of Ashina was - you’ll find Lone Shadow Masanaga the Spear-Bearer mini-boss there.

36. Ashina Castle. Shume Masaji Oniwa, one of the Seven Ashina Spears mini-bosses, will appear near Ashina Reservoir. 

37. Ashina Castle, Shigekichi of the Red Guard is located in the courtyard past the stairway gate in Outskirts Wall - Stairway.

38. Ashina Castle, Upper Tower - Dojo. Go down the stairs, destroy the paper wall - the passage will lead you to a mini-boss the Red-Eyed Ashina Elite - Ujinari Mizou.

39. Hirata Estate, Bamboo Thicket Slope. You can find the bead find if you refuse Owl and remain loyal to Kuro. Near the burning building, where the Great Shinobi Owl used to sit, now has Lone Shadow Masanaga the Spear-Bearer.

40. The last bead in the game. Hirata Estate, Juzoe the Drunkard rematch - kill him once again, and the bead is yours.

Good luck, Shinobi!

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