Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Семена Тыквы - Где найти все семечки

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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Семена Тыквы - Где найти все семечки ⚡⚡⚡ Игровые и киберспортивные новости, аналитика, обзоры, репортажи на WePlay! Самые актуальные новости!

You can find 9 gourd seeds in total in the world of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Each of them will increase the size of the healing pot, which means it will give you more chances to win the battle with the crowd of ordinary opponents or a particularly problematic boss. The system works in exactly the same way as it was with the estus flask in the Dark Souls series.

To apply the improvement, return to the Old Temple hub area and talk to Emma. After reaching a certain point of the plot, this character will disappear for a while and then appear in the Kuro's Room after clearing Ashina's Tower and defeating Genichiro Ashina.

Let's talk about where each of these upgrade items is located, as they are easy to miss.

These seeds collection also unlocks one of the trophies. You can read how to grab the platinum in a dedicated text.

Ashina Outskirts gourd seeds
Gourd seed #1

Going through Ashina Outskirts location, One Armed Wolf can upgrade the flask three times. The first of the seeds is easy to detect immediately after activating the carver's idol called "Gate Path Shrine" (before getting there, you must fight with Naomori Kawarada warlord, his first health bar can be removed using a stealth attack).

Gourd seed #2

The second seed is located in the room after Chained Ogre mini-boss, but before the battle with General Tenzen Yamauchi. You can get there using a hole in the wall.

Gourd seed #3

After defeating Gyoubu Oniwa, cross the arena and climb the stairs twice. There will be a merchant's tent nearby, which will offer Wolf the third seed for 1000 coins. If suddenly you don't have enough money — farm at locations nearby, it's worth it.

Hirata Mansion gourd seeds

There is not a single gourd seed at this location, so you can pass it at your own pace without worrying about the missed improvements.

Ashina Castle gourd seeds
Gourd seed #4

The fourth seed is located near the starting carver's idol in Ashina Castle location. After it, move to the right, jumping over the rooftops and beware detection. You need to reach the tallest building (main tower). Go inside, locate another idol and a treasure chest. Inside, among other things, there is a gourd seed.

Gourd seed #5

Then it is necessary to return to the starting idol in this region. Next, follow upward to the zone with four arrows. Follow up the stairs, and then jump down. There, the hero will meet an NPC, which will ask to clean up the territory from opponents. After completing the task, talk to him again. Later, this person will appear in the Old Temple to the left of the idol and offer you to buy a gourd seed for 2000 coins.

Abandoned Dungeon, Mt Kongo
Gourd seed #6

The Sempo Temple has only one item to upgrade the pot. Start at the first idol and follow the monks' path. It will lead you upstairs, to the temple, next to which you need to grapple the wooden beams and get into the hole in the ceiling. Inside you will see a ritual room with three monks who perform a prayer ceremony. The seed will be nearby. 

After reaching this location, Emma will disappear from the Old Temple. You will need to talk to the Heir several times and follow the path of smoke signals on the towers' roofs. At the end of the path, Wolf will meet an old man named Isshin. After talking with him, Emma will become available again, but now in the Kuro's Room.

Sunken Valley
Gourd seed #7

Here you can find only one gourd seed. Get down from the starting idol and grab the edge next to the shooter. Without attracting attention, wait until the enemy turns away, jump onto the next branch and climb along the wall to the left. Rise to a higher level and you will find two objects under a small roof. One of them is the seventh seed.

Ashina's Depths
Gourd seed #8

Reaching Mibu Village's idol, follow into the settlement. Find there a huge tree with white foliage and a crowd of opponents around. The seed is next to it. You can act covertly or defeat the entire enemy squad.

Fountainhead Palace
Gourd seed #9

You need to defeat the Corrupted Monk in the Ashina's Depths and the Guardian Ape in the Sunken Valley first, and then return to Ashina's Castle. The idols in this area will not be available, so we recommend to proceed through the Abandoned Dungeon location.

We recommend using the video guide from the PowerPyx YouTube channel:

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