Mordhau - Гайд по Броне - Доспехи и Экипировка

Июн 03 2019 3 min read

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Mordhau has a few crucial gameplay points, and in order to succeed in the game, you have to take into consideration all of them. Armour is one of these key features, and thanks to our detailed armour guide, you’ll always be ready to face every challenge there is.

The most basic stuff you need to know is that different kinds of armour in Mordhau affect not only your level of protection but also your movement speed. In other words, the heavier your armour set is – the slower you’ll move, and vice versa. This is a concept easy to understand, and you are likely to find the perfect balance between protection and flexibility with our help.

Mordhau offers you a total of four armour types to choose from:

  • Cloth (no defensive bonuses, the basic level)
    • Movement speed – 4/4
    • Protection level – 0/3
  • Light armour
    • Movement speed – 3/4
    • Protection level – 1/3
  • Medium armour
    • Movement speed – 2/4
    • Protection level – 2/3
  • Heavy armour
    • Movement speed – 1/4
    • Protection level – 3/3

It should be obvious that you’ll be like a clumsy metal tortoise equipped in a full set of heavy armour, but in that case, the enemies will have to work harder to kill you. What’s the most interesting part of Mordhau armour though, is that you are not obligated to equip full sets. The in-game armour set consists of three components, as well as three comprehending slots you can equip: head protection, torso, and legs.

You are free to shuffle the armour parts and types the way you like. For instance, you can equip a heavy torso plate, light pants and no helmet at all – this way your character will move fairly fast and will be able to withstand a considerable amount of damage in close combat, but such a combo won’t offer you any protection from arrow headshots and sword swings aimed at the neck. Basically, the choice of armour depends on your play style – and whether or not you are a new player.

Another side of the story is the number of points you can spend on your armour and weapons. If you choose to equip the full set of heavy armour, you won’t have enough points left to pick the best kinds of weapons Mordhau has to offer. On the other hand, a huge mace and light armour is not the best choice for a new player as it is very skill-dependent – such a combo relies mostly on your ability to block enemy’s attacks rather than the defensive features of your armour.

Overall, it’s a matter of balance. For a new player, we recommend using a good helmet and a fairly good chest-piece. Legs are not the weakest point in the game since most players tend to aim at the torso while experienced ones often go for the head. Keeping these two parts of your character’s body well-protected will help you a lot through the early stages of learning the game, and you can ignore the legs protection to some extent.

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