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Mass Effect: Andromeda. Прилетели ⚡⚡⚡ Игровые и киберспортивные новости, аналитика, обзоры, репортажи на WePlay! Самые актуальные новости!

“Bro, stop knocking, we’re all people” – Scott Ryder to Commander Shepard
“I’M ONLY HUMAN AFTER ALL” – Sara Ryder defending her face animation

There are games that make you think about all kinds of things. There are games that are just pure fun. If we consider everything that happens on screen as a big farce comedy, then Mass Effect: Andromeda is a great game.

As much awe I got from videos and cutscenes from Syberia, as much of healthy laughter I get from all the news about Mass Effect: Andromeda in social media (more about it later in the article).

Information about marvelous face and movement animation are all over the web! I assure you that you can get it if you played Andromeda before patch 1.05. You don’t? Then let’s jump into it.

The video goes a bit more than a minute and can be described with one image, if needed.

How about Asari? Nope, no problem with her. I love blue cuties ^_^

Ok, animation is not the main thing in the game, I agree. Overall, fun faults and bugs is not something new in game industry. If they fixed some bugs, they will do the same with others. Eventually, it’s not flying mammoths that made people fall in love with Skyrim.

They fell in love with Skyrim’s world, story and current events. And, if that’s in the game, then no bugs will “fix” the atmosphere within. How are things going with it in Andromeda?

Desert scenery

Frozen desert scenery

Lava mountains

Well, yeah. Diversity… Sure, I’m sold :sarcasm:

Of course, that’s all my captious criticism. Some decorations can’t make the game worse. You can implement a captivating story both in mountains and one enclosed room. Let’s check out the story that ME: Andromeda offers me.

Prepare your anus

In 2176, the “Andromeda Initiative” project was started which was supposed to move civilization from Milky Way galaxy to Andromeda galaxy. In 10 years the project was in full circle, launching 5 arks right after the main ship “Nexus”.

The travel takes more than 600 hundred years and at a certain moment the ship crew starts leaving the anabiosis. We play as Scott or Sara Ryder which get a “Pathfinder” status regardless of a twin you pick. This is importantthe Pathfinder!

For that matter, we’ve already enjoyed Sara’s animation so a few words about Scott.

That's pretty much the mood we have when we arrive to the first planet and DISCOVER A STATION THERE. And our dear “Nexus” close by. And, all of a sudden, it turns out that the pathfinder role is nothing more than exploring already discovered planets (so called, potential outlook progress) from the stations already set on them.

Next on. The hero. If in Mass Effect 1-3 we played as a tough Shepard, the Andromeda’s protagonist is a spineless slime. That’s important part, he’s spineless and infantile, not flexible and versatile. All possible options are worked out beforehand, we can’t affect them so the “plot train” goes down the rails set by the devs.

ME trilogy was famous for its “Renegade” hero system. In Andromeda devs dropped the “good-bad” correlation replacing it with “good Steve Harvey, bad Steve Harvey, angry Steve Harvey”. It looks like variety but, to be honest, it’s still Steve Harvey…

I am not a fan of the Mass Effect trilogy (yeah, right now fans of the series can literally shower me with stones) but I played every game to have some weight behind my words. This is the FULL scheme of options in original trilogy.

And here’s the option scheme in ME: Andromeda.

 While playing we can pick a faction, support some of our allies, run or not to run raids, do the loyalty missions – and still stay on the “story rails”. Usually we get no feedback whatsoever or just add several lines to the dialogue. The most non-linear event that can fall on our heads is gathering all three pathfinders which allows for some minor character survive. That’s all folks!

Well, there’s an answer to the question and quite a certain one. Perhaps, the devs put the effort entirely to design of the combat system. Because it’s really good! The combat system seems to be growing game after the game: if the first game’s combat made me want to kill myself (it’s so sluggish and unpolished), shooting in Andromeda feels real, there’s recoil, you can basically feel the hits and movement in combat is possible without clinging to walls. Reactive backpack also improves the vertical gamplay possibilities. I also liked to control the six-wheel armored vehicle, feels so smooth. Single player campaign also has multiplayer mode which seems to be very fresh and fun.

And don’t forget to scan rocks, bushes, monuments, sofa, cat…

Here somewhere we can wrap up and say that Mass Effect: Andromeda is a game you’d want to skip. If talking scores, the game would get 7/10. The score is final, the review is over.

However, in the first line of the article I mentioned news about the game. And that’s where it gets exciting. Who’s interested, keep reading – we continue to explore Andromeda.

Traditional staff management methods assume professionalism of the employees, proper expertise and work experience in this area. Apparently, BioWare has an alternative approach to this matter. You can hire a full staff of SJWs (Social Justice Warriors) and they will set a correct ratio of employees based on their gender, skin color, etc. (Earlier supporters of this movement criticized the infamous game “No Man’s Sky” because the game dev team had no black or female people in it).

Those lovely ladies came to conclusion that main female protagonist created with the help of a motion cosplay model is too beautiful and made their corrections to avoid hurting not-so-beautiful women. What’s the result, you might wonder? The fans made it explode.

However, later on the feminists claimed that the new model might hurt the feeling of all women. I believe you can safely say that you cannot please them feminist activists have a sophisticated sense of the beauty.

LGBT community is not happy with the BioWare’s new game as well. Representatives of the sexual minorities took offense to small choice of partners and more low-key expression of feelings as compared to heterosexual couples or lesbians. Transgenders did not appreciate the fact that the game transgender hero opened truth about himself to protagonist in a very loose way by telling about gender change in the first dialogue.

Well, this is the news that the gaming community discusses while the Ryder twins explore new planets.

As icing on the cake, I would suggest you watching the 20 minute cut from ME: Andromeda to “consolidate what we’ve learnt today”.

We’re done for today, see you at


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