Изменения в Teamfight Tactics

Июл 04 2019 2 min read

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It's common knowledge in the TFT community that there currently exists no centralised source of patch notes for the various updates being introduced to the game. In patch 1.94, we've been promised "a consistent weekly patch cycle," along with patch notes. As a temporary fix, Riot have created a "Balance and Bugfix Log" to compile all the changes made in the past week. 

These changes were made to the live servers but PBE has been seeing a lot of changes as well. Thanks to Reddit users Aquanort and RZ_Selected, here's a summary of the latest major changes that have been noticed. 

Item changes

  • Zeke's Convergence got a tooltip update, while all adjacent item effects now have a clear indicator at the start of a match.
  • Red Buff and Morellonomicon do 13% of the target's maximum HP as damage over 5 seconds. They also prevent healing. 
  • Frozen Heart now reduces attack speed by 25% (up from 20%)
  • Hextech Gunblade will now heal from 33% damage done (up from 25%)
  • Hurricane summons a spirit that mirrors attacks, dealing 25% damage but only hits one additional target. 

Item drop changes

  • There is a new Gromp encounter after the first minion fight that sees them having an increased attack speed which reduces over time. 
  • Players get guaranteed item drops from the strongest monsters in PVE encounters. Dragons drop full completed items. 
  • Item dropping monsters have been buffed with either, magic damage resistance, HP burn damage and healing denial or revive with 500 HP after death. Buff does not determine the item dropped. 
  • Mystery items cannot be stolen by other players and will automatically enter your inventory when you leave the stage. They can also be completed items. 

Balance changes

  • Demons now deal 100%/200%/400% true damage to targets they mana burn (for 2/4/6 demons) 

Ranked mode

  • It is now available in PBE
  • The last 4 players lose ELO while the top 4 gain ELO. 
  • Your position in the top 4 drastically increases the amount of ELO gained.
  • Play 5 matches to get placed in an ELO.

UI & animation 

  • Tooltips now detail winstreaks. 
  • Flip banners on loading screens to view player ranks. 
  • Real-time damage charts can be toggled on/off during rounds. 
  • Champion ability and item descriptions improved.
  • Little Legends now have an animation when picking and placing champions.  

Aquanort also posted a video on YouTube highlighting some of these changes. 

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