Легендарные финалы: DAC 2018

Май 28 2019 5 min read

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We continue our series of publications about the most spectacular and memorable grand finals in the Dota 2 history. This time we won't talk about The International. The Dota 2 Asia Championships 2018 became the first Major (even though their value was somewhat blurred in the 2017/18 season), which was won by a team from Southeast Asia.

The main match became a highlight of the tournament, which showed that the game on meta-heroes doesn't always lead to success: sometimes the opponent can be replayed on his field.

Pre-match scenario

Before the start of the grand final, the clear favorite was the Mineski team: they won by 12 maps out of 14, and they already beat LGD in the final of the Upper Bracket. It is also worth noting that the Asian team played on 32 heroes by that time  -  it’s a big number, given the importance of the tournament.

On the other hand, LGD had some problems. They won only four out of seven matches in group A, and they had to participate in a big tiebreak for five teams at once. As a result, the Chinese team played a much larger number of matches - 21, and only 13 were victorious. Their 42 chosen heroes didn't seem to be a significant number because of this amount of games, and Mineski showed how they could predict opponent’s actions.

First map

In the first map, Mineski concentrated on preventing opponents from picking favorite heroes. Beastmaster and Underlord were banned. LGD had 66% winrate in 6 maps on the first hero, and the second just showed itself to be a perfect hero for the team. Also, Terrorblade - perhaps the strongest carry of that meta, was banned, too. They continued this "feast" with Faceless Void and Monkey King bans. Ame played very well on them, giving out excellent ultimates, and, looking ahead, we didn't see any of these heroes in the grand final. However, they didn't notice how they were caught up in a wise LGD strategy.

Phantom Assassin + Slardar destroyed everything with physical damage, Ancient Apparition + Venomancer produced a lot of slowdowns and magical damage, and Tiny polished it with high burst damage and great initiation.

As a result, the filigree performance of tactical ideas allowed LGD to come further in this series.

Second map

New map - new draft. This time, LGD could pick first, and they chose Underlord, receiving the best combination of the first phase Tiny - Ancient Apparition at that time in response.

LGD took a good, balanced pick, but Mineski showed a desire to fight five of them. Therefore, the Asian team got Naga Siren, Gyrocopter and Magnus, and this turned out to be too hard for the team from China.

Having defended their lines quite well, Mineski players received their victory condition by the 15th minute, and then everything was a matter of technique. The 29:6 score - and we go to the third map with the equal chances.

Third map

LGD showed a master class on how to set a trap in the draft stage. We won't analyze the pick in detail, because only one thing is important here. Broodmother, which was chosen last, was very appealing and reasonably evident at the same time.

The Chinese team took the risk, gave the opponent this hero, but showed a masterpiece of opposition directly in the game. Iceiceice had good statistics, but all this didn't matter since LGD could take much more from the map. This game was perhaps the closest in this grand final series, but throughout it all, the feeling that the five from the Middle Kingdom had everything under control didn't leave the audience.

Fourth map

The scenario of the fourth map is a lot like the scenario of the first, but there is one very big difference. Mineski made conclusions from that defeat, banning Slardar, and not allowing them to finish the same combo.

Also, the Asian team added strength to the team batch, taking Luna. As a result, the fourth map was written in Mineski active, and we were waiting for the culminating fifth round.

Fifth map

The pick of the final game turned out to be interesting. While Mineski continued to play according to the old schemes, LGD decided to take comfortable heroes for their players: fy got Tusk, Maybe got Leshrac, and Underlord went to Chalice again.

However, Mineski was able to prepare an answer: Empower from Magnus nullified the Underlord's aura, Static Storm and Silence didn’t let Anti-Mage escape the fight, and Lifestealer worked very well against Tusk and Underlord (two power heroes). The excellent Jabz game on Naga Siren completed this set, having a significant impact on the final result.

According to the results in the battle of tactical minds, the Mineski coach 71 won, and the representative of Southeast Asia won Major for the first time. When you are in great shape and perfectly prepared as a team, even signature characters cannot cause problems.

The grand final of Dota 2 Asia Championships 2018 showed what mind games are and how important it is to beat the opponent at the macro level. That is why it entered our series of "legendary finals."

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