Пять главных матчей шестой недели DPC 2021

Фев 22 2021 3 min read

Пять главных матчей шестой недели DPC 2021

Dota Pro Circuit enters the home stretch! There will be fewer matches this week, but almost every one of them is crucial! In all this magnificence, we decided to highlight five matches, arranged in chronological order.

Alliance (4-2) - Team Liquid (3-3)

When: February 23, 21:00 CET

This match is a Singapore ticket decider. In Europe, Team Secret has already granted playoffs for themselves, and also we know the two teams that will leave the top division (Vikin.gg and High Coast Esports). All the rest continue to fight for three places in the Singapore Major. Of the five participants, only two will play against each other this week, that's exactly why we decided to highlight their match. If Alliance wins, they take second place regardless of the rival teams' results. If Team Liquid wins, they will play a tiebreak at least, so they still have a chance to go to Singapore.

Other remaining matches in Europe are:

  • HCE - Nigma. Nigma needs a victory for 4-3, HCE are demotivated.
  • OG - Team Secret. Team Secret doesn't need anything, OG needs to win with their 3-3.

Fnatic (5-1) - TNC Predator (4-2) & Neon Esports (5-1) - T1 (4-2)

When: February 24, 12:00 CET & February 25, 12:00 CET.

Southeast Asia has the most twisted plot. There are five teams to apply for three trips to Singapore at once! BOOM Esports (4-3) are in the worst position: they have to root for both Fnatic and Neon wins to get a three-team tiebreak. If Fnatic wins, they are guaranteed to take first place due to a personal victory over Neon. The likelihood of additional matches is extremely high, and we will have an unpredictable ending.

Quincy Crew (6-0) - Undying (5-1)

When: February 26, 00:00 CET

Last week Quincy Crew overthrew the seemingly eternal kings of North America. However, the team cannot relax yet as they still are in danger to miss the Major: 1) if they lose the match to Undying and 2) then lose the three-teams tiebreak (the probability that Evil Geniuses will lose to 5ManMidas who have lost all motivation is extremely small). At the same time, there is a great opportunity for QC to finish the league with a flawless 7-0 score, but for this, they will need to defeat a direct competitor who also wants to go to Singapore.

Virtus.pro (6-0) - Natus Vincere (5-1)

When: February 26, 18:00 Moscow time

Do not be confused by NAVI's last week defeat: it does not in any way affect the balance of power before the main CIS match: the winner will get first place in the top division and guarantees a ticket to the Singapore Major playoffs. For now, the Bears are considered favorites, but who knows what trump cards are hidden in NAVI's pocket? Based on the results of this Bo3, we will crown the kings of the region! Unmissable.


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