Стратегии Dota Underlords: лучшие комбинации с рыцарями

Июл 10 2019 3 min read

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There are tons of viable strategies in Dota Underlords and many of them are based on Knights, because this alliance has decent winrate during early and midgame, and could become the core or a pocket alliance in a late-game composition as well.

In this article, we will take a look at a few compositions based on Knights, that are effective in the current meta.



Let's take a look at the Knights' lineup and what exactly the alliance buff gives.

The Knights buff:

  • 2 Knights: 15% damage reduction (magical and physical) + an additional 15% damage reduction when standing next to another Knight.

  • 4 Knights: 20% damage reduction (magical and physical) + an additional 20% damage reduction when standing next to another Knight.

  • 6 Knights: 30% damage reduction (magical and physical) + an additional 25% damage reduction when standing next to another Knight.

Knight heroes

  • Batrider (Troll, 1 Gold)

  • Luna (Elusive, 2 Gold)

  • Chaos Knight (Demon, 2 Gold)

  • Omni Knight (Human, 3 Gold)

  • Abaddon (Heartless, 3 Gold)

  • Dragon Knight (Dragon and Human, 4 Gold)

Advantages of playing with Knights:

  • High HP values

  • High armor values

  • Survivability

  • High damage output in comparison with most other alliances.

Disadvantages of playing Knights:

  • Lack of decent crowd control

  • Inferior to Mages and Hunters

  • The high cost of the heroes

Best Knight-based compositions


6 Knights + Dragons

Key heroes:

  • Batrider 

  • Luna 

  • Chaos Knight 

  • Omni Knight 

  • Abaddon 

  • Dragon Knight

  • Viper

Auxilary heroes:

  • Necrophos

  • Alchemist 

  • Enigma

  • Puck

Advantages of Knights-Dragons:

  • Easy to force, intuitive positioning.

  • Effective against boxed formations.

Disadvantages of Knights-Dragons:

  • Your army clumps together and is vulnerable to AoE-spells.

  • The Knights is a popular composition, resulting in fewer units in the shop.

Positioning tips:

Put your Dragons to the backline. Both Puck and Dragon Knight (with the synergy) are ranged heroes, and Viper is an assassin. Use the melee Knights to tank.


4 Knights + Trolls

Key heroes:

  • Batrider

  • Luna

  • Chaos Knight

  • Omni Knight

  • Shadow Shaman

  • Witch Doctor

  • Troll Warlord

Auxilary heroes:

  • Necrophos

  • Omni Knight

  • Dragon Knight

Advantages of playing with Knights-Trolls:

  • High survivability.

  • Decent Crowd Control.

Disadvantages of playing with Knights-Trolls:

  • Very tight composition, hard to sneak in a Scaled pocket, or strong 5-star units.

  • Both Trolls and Knights are highly contested, you will need to take early levels and roll aggressively to assemble this composition. You basically need a good early game to have a successful Trolls-Knights game.

Positioning tips:

Position your Knights in front, and trolls in the back.

Additional tips:

As of writing this, Shadow Shaman is a very weak unit and shouldn't find a place on your board until you need him for the Troll tag. Don't keep more than one SS on your bench if additional copies eat at your interest or your bench space. In the lategame, a 1-star SS is as significant as a 2-star SS.


4 Knights + Humans + Mages

Key heroes:

  • Batrider

  • Luna

  • Chaos Knight

  • Dragon Knight

  • Razor

  • Lina

  • Puck

Auxilary heroes:

  • Tidehunter

  • Kunkka

  • Lich

  • Keeper of the Light

Advantages of 4 Knights + Humans + Mages:

  • High survivability

  • Insane magic burst

  • Silence debuffs caused by Humans can be a gamechanger in the final rounds.

Disadvantages of 4 Knights + Humans + Mages

  • Hard to force as most of the heroes are 3-gold costs and higher. You need to have both good early game and good rolls past round 20.

Positioning tips:

Knights need to keep the frontline and the mages should be positioned in a corner. Razor should find a place behind the Knights to utilize his ability.

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