Дополнение Bloody Palace для DMC 5 доступно для скачивания

Апр 02 2019 2 min read

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Capcom has just released a free DLC titled Bloody Palace for Devil May Cry 5. The DLC adds some sort of a survival arena where you are tasked with fighting off 101 waves of increasingly difficult enemies. You can choose Dante, Nero, or V as a playable character with 2 minutes of initial time. In case the time runs out, you’ll lose all your progress. Luckily, effective and stylish takedowns give you additional time.

That said, Bloody Palace is an obligatory part of the game. The mode was originally introduced in Devil May Cry 2, and it has been present in the series since that time. In Devil May Cry 5, your objective is to climb the tower until you reach the 101st floor, and it’s going to be hard. Overall, Bloody Palace is a great addition to the game in terms of replayability and invested time. Capcom has previously announced that Bloody Palace would be the only DLC for Devil May Cry 5, which means we won’t be seeing any additional story content. However, there’re rumours that the game could receive a fourth playable character along with a multiplayer of sorts implemented in Bloody Palace. Sadly, it didn’t turn out to be true, but there might be a future update nonetheless.

Devil May Cry 5 proved to be an exceptionally great game, and it’s nice to see every addition to it regardless of scale. Perhaps, the high demand for new adventures might suggest that the developers would change their minds in regards to further support with DLCs.


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