Интервью с участниками Artifact MT: A - Petrify

Янв 18 2019 2 min read

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Mark Petrify Fittipaldi became one of the first playoff participants, making it through quite a difficult group — he had a very dramatic decisive battle with Russian player Alena Gela Shushpannikova. We managed to catch Mark and ask him a few questions.

WePlay!: Group stage wasn't easy for you. Can you tell us about your's and opponent's performances? Who was the toughest one and why?

Mark: Yeah the group stage was very hard, I had a really bad start against MyGoodMate where I got tilted and let my mentality overtake my gameplay. This was definitely the hardest series, but all my opponents were very good. Aside from MyGoodMate, I think Gela has a very bright future in Artifact too, she played really well and was very tough in the decider match. 

WePlay!: What do you expect from the playoffs? What is your goal in this tournament? 

Mark: I have no expectations, to be honest. As far as I'm concerned I didn't deserve to make it out of the groups as I played really badly so it's like a second chance being in the playoffs. My goal is just to play better each game at this point.

WePlay!: Artifact is in trouble obviously. The online is not very high, only 3% of all players are still in the game. What do you think about it? How can Valve fix this problem?

Mark:  I am not worried about player numbers. Valve will not let the game simply die and I would bet they are working on big things. I would like Valve to announce big money tournaments and a better ladder to encourage players to work toward something. I expect in a few months Artifact will be a very healthy game.

WePlay!: What do you think about the tournament's production? We saw you on Twitch, chatting and messing with subs. Did you like it?

Mark: Honestly it's the best production I have ever seen for an online tournament. My favourite part is the circus acts used as breaks. They have breathtaking performances. The DJ was also very good at the start.

WePlay!: If you win Mighty Triad: Agility, on what will you spend the money?

Mark:  I would like to start saving for a nice wedding for myself and my fiance so that would help :)

Thank you, Mark, and we wish you good luck!


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