Интервью с MaggoGX, участником WePlay! Artifact Mighty Triad: Agility

Янв 18 2019 3 min read

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Georgy MaggoGX Khantashkeev - one of those who went through the Group Stage and is preparing for the next Play-off games. 

He won Baize with the score 2:0 and VinKelsier with the score 2:1.

MaggoGX shared with us his thoughts about the tournament and previous games.

WePlay!: A few words about yourself - who is Georgy? What is he keen on, what does he live in?

MaggoGX: I'm 24 years old, from Yakutsk and I play games for a living (total NEET). I spend my days playing card games and watching streams on Twitch :) 

WePlay!: Please tell us about your game base - what games did you play before Artifact?

MaggoGX: I played Dota and Dota 2 for like eight years then switched to Hearthstone, but people know me from Gwent where I was one of the top players on the ladder, and I won some tournaments.

WePlay!: What do you think about the tournament in general?

MaggoGX: This WePlay! tournament has been great so far - many exciting games and high production. I love that qualified players are proving themselves this time around, and I hope more tournament organisers will make big money tournaments with many qualification spots (preferably online).

WePlay!: What are your goals for this tournament? Who would you like to play against?

MaggoGX: I want to get top4 for sure then we'll see. I wanted to play against Hyped, but he's out of the tournament, so probably nobody at this point. I have some friends in the playoff bracket that I don't want to face.

WePlay!: Was it difficult for you personally to play against Baize and VinKelsier?

MaggoGX: Yes, games were really tough for me cuz I was really nervous and not confident in my play. I knew VinKelsier from Discord, and I was rooting for him, kinda sad he didn't get through with his cool decks. I think our series with him was great, we made so many cool plays that both chat and casters didn't appreciate (I went back and watched the VOD). 

WePlay!: What do you like about Artifact?

MaggoGX: I love the gameplay. I unironically think it's the best card game ever just cuz of the gameplay itself and it will only get better. I love the initiative intricacies and bluffs you can pull off and deployment phase decisions, those things always decide games. I like that almost every game you lost you could've won if played differently, it feels like there's still some line of play that would've led you to victory.

WePlay!: What are the disadvantages of the game for you personally?

MaggoGX: No ladder or anything really competitive. At least make some leaderboard rankings or anything that competitive player can strive for. Personally, I got tired of tons of small tournaments like after a month+ and there's no real incentive to play anything else. Artifact can feel boring sometimes just because of that.

WePlay!: How do you think Artifact can be improved? What should be added or removed?

MaggoGX: Tons of fresh players and real ladder with MMR. I hope they go f2p with the new expansion or something because terrible PR has been really hurting the game.

WePlay!: How do you feel about losing?

MaggoGX: I hate losing and get mad at myself or everything else quite often if I lose :) 

WePlay!: If you win a tournament, what will you do first?

MaggoGX: I will make sure that money's coming then probably celebrate with friends

WePlay!: Who do you think is the strongest player in this tournament?

MaggoGX: Probably swim, Petrify and me.

WePlay!: Do you follow the games of your opponents?

MaggoGX: Yeah, I watch all WePlay! matches. The tournament has been enjoyable to watch, I like casters and production.

Thank you, Georgy, and we wish you good luck!

You can check MaggoGX's decks here: first and second. And his previous games are here.

If you want to follow the player, here are his Twitch and Twitter.


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