Все, что нужно знать про соревновательный Rainbow Six: Siege

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Все, что нужно знать про соревновательный Rainbow Six: Siege ⚡⚡⚡ Игровые и киберспортивные новости, аналитика, обзоры, репортажи на WePlay! Самые актуальные новости!

Last Sunday, Team Empire won the first place in Pro League Season 9 final tournament. We can say that the team from Russia is the best in the world at the moment. But Rainbow Six: Siege esports in CIS hasn't so many fans, as we want to see. Therefore, we have prepared an educational material, which is designed to interest you and explain all the basic principles.

What is Rainbow Six: Siege?


The game is a tactical first-person shooter made by Ubisoft. It is a bright competitor, but not Counter-Strike: Global Offensive clone. The similarities probably are in the basic rules of the game. In R6 like in CS:GO, two teams of five players compete: the task of an attack side is to capture and successfully hold one of two key points (a bomb must be placed in CS:GO, and defused in R6), the task of defence side is to prevent this. You can kill all opponents, and they won't revive until the end of the round, and thereby win the round. However, there are several fundamental differences.

  • Rainbow Six: Siege has no economy. No "saves", "eco" and "force buy." At the beginning of each round, you get all the necessary equipment, which must be used wisely.
  • The gameplay is mostly vertical. In CS:GO, matches are played on reasonably large maps. Most of the maps in R6 are high-rise buildings with a small area, but moving and collecting information doesn't become less accessible.
  • There are destructible walls and objects: one of the most important game features. You can make unique holes in the floor and walls, that will significantly help gather information. The destruction of the wall in the room can take your opponent by surprise.
  • Operators are differing from each other. The differences are significant: the speed of movement, the type of armor, as well as equipment. But situations, where one character has a four-fold higher starting health than the other, is merely impossible.
  • The main thing in R6 is to adapt. The key points may change in each new round, and it is necessary to gather information about their location correctly. Also, teams usually don't know the exact composition of Operators, due to the phase of the sixth choice (one of the players may change his decision, and the enemy won't know about it).

The game continues until seven wins, and teams switch sides after the first six. The duration of the round is slightly higher than in CS:GO, however, on average, the maps in both shooters "last" approximately the same.

Rainbow Six: Siege esports


We must pay tribute to Ubisoft - they adopted a lot of positive experience from other games, and the Rainbow Six: Siege ecosystem is almost the best in all esports. It’s a debatable question, but believe us, the game is good, even though there is less money than in CS:GO esports. We can highlight three key points.

  • Clear tournament hierarchy. Competitive hierarchy rules in R6 are simple. Six Invitational (the main tournament of the year) and Major (the second event and prize fund) are at the top. The main regular tournament is Pro League: the teams in four regions compete, and then the best of the best converge on the international LAN-final. You can get into Pro League by playing well in Challenger League. You can get there through the Qualifiers. At the same time, there are some third-party intermediate tournaments, as well as national leagues and regular online tournaments for beginners, by which you could earn a ticket to Major. Everything may be planned, and only your results will matter.
  • Crowdfunding. Not all developers were able to correctly adopt the model of a Compendium (Battle Pass) in Dota 2 from Valve. Ubisoft made it more successful than many others. The community bought special in-game items, part of which was used to support the competitive system. Thanks to amateur players in Rainbow Six, the prize fund of Six Invitational 2019 has quadrupled - from $500.000 to $2.000.000. Also, a little more than a million dollars from these sales will be used to increase the prize pool of various tournaments during the season. Thus, the teams can directly feel the support of their fans.
  • Collaboration with various tournament organizers. Ubisoft doesn’t “put all its eggs in one basket”, and different companies can organize tournaments. ESL helps to hold Pro League, and one of the Qualifiers at Six Invitational was held by DreamHack. All this helps prevent the dangerous convergence of companies — nothing personal, only business and competition.

Also, it should be understood that Rainbow Six: Siege gained its popularity mostly by esports. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect that Ubisoft will curtail its competitive program - it brings a large amount of benefit.

How Team Empire came to success?


The management of the team was the first to believe in competitive Rainbow Six: Siege. The club has signed an extremely promising mix, some of the players have already been selected for the World Cup and showed relatively good results.  After Team Empire management assumed part of the third-party routine and the players got excellent conditions for training, the team began to progress dramatically.

At the same time, it’s worth noting that the “Imperials” have made their way from the Challenger League participants to the vice-world champions. After a few more months, they changed one player (Shockwave left the team, and Dan was taken as a substitute, and this decision has an effect) and Pro League was won. Now they have only two steps left: to win Major and become champions of Six Invitational 2020. So far, the Russian team has no plans to slow down.

Are there any other good teams in CIS?


The success of Team Empire, as well as Ubisoft’s attention to the Russian audience, led to the fact that several well-known organizations also signed lineups for Rainbow Six: Siege. While Natus Vincere decided to sign the German squad for Pro League, other clubs turned their attention to the five who performed well in Russian Major League. Thus, Raiders managed to win one map in each of the matches against Team Empire, and end up under AVANGAR’s “wing”. Also, we highlight forZe, the leader in the second season of the Russian league.

We hope that our material will help you discover the new world of Rainbow Six: Siege esports. Have fun!

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