Символическая сборная OMEGA League

Сен 09 2020 5 min read

Символическая сборная OMEGA League ⚡⚡⚡ Киберспортивные новости, аналитика, обзоры, репортажи на WePlay! Самые актуальные новости!

OMEGA League has triumphantly come to an end! We know the champions, the post-tournament euphoria is slowly passing away, and we can calmly analyze the teams' performances to select the best of the best.

Before we talk about the All-OMEGA Team, we would like to say a couple of words about the Most Valuable Players who were voted on our website weplay.tv. Despite Team Nigma being only a step away from the grand finals, the fans decided to give the MVP award to Amer "Miracle-" Al-Barkawi and Maroun "Gh" Merhej.

Most Valuable Player (Core): Miracle-

Most Valuable Player (Core): Miracle-

While he is only 23, Miracle- is already a legend and a contender to being the greatest Dota 2 player of all time. When it comes to farm under pressure, he is on another planet: the Jordanian carry can find gold out of nowhere, and each minute he is allowed to farm freely vastly increases the chance to win. Amer is an author of the best highlight of the tournament (and maybe of the whole of 2020):

Miracle- has the second-highest average GPM (only losing to Cooman). Also, he has the seventh-highest average kills per game. Amer had a strong performance during OMEGA League, and the MVP award is a pleasant bonus.

Most Valuable Player (Support): Gh

Most Valuable Player (Support): Gh

While you may have questioned whether Gh is the real MVP, we can not say that he won the voting only because of his popularity. Despite mainly playing only two heroes, Phoenix and Rubick, his performance was truly great, and his Supernovas regularly changed the course of teamfights in Team Nigma's favor. No wonder the audience remembered the Lebanese support. 

It is also worth mentioning that Team Nigma likes to give Gh more farm: among supports, he is the league leader in average GPM, average last hits, and average damage dealt to heroes. Finally, he is in the top-10 in average kills per map and second in average XPM. You can't call such performance underwhelming! 

All-OMEGA Team: YawaR (Quincy Crew)

All-OMEGA Team: YawaR (Quincy Crew)

We had an intense internal discussion about the carry position. We had MATUMBAMAN, who is the league leader in tower damage and one of the pillars of Team Secret's triumph; Cooman, who was better than any other carry in European Divine Division; Shad, shining brightly in Vikin.gg; Elmo, who made our team of the week twice.

However, one of the main criteria when deciding the best carry is KDA. You should have maximum impact while dying as rarely as possible. YawaR is a league leader in average deaths, and his KDA is second best after his own teammate. Finally, YawaR is in the top-10 in average XPM, and his great performance in the grand final of the Americas Divine Division made us choose the carry from Pakistan.

All-OMEGA Team: Quinn (Quincy Crew)

All-OMEGA Team: Quinn (Quincy Crew)

The duet of Quinn and YawaR was simply too strong for the American region. It looked like they were competing among themselves in another league. Quinn Callahan is an OMEGA League leader in average KDA. He is also top-10 in average kills and deaths. It is also worth mentioning that both core players of Quincy Crew average 55.3k hero damage per map, and that is huge! While Team Secret built their game style around positions three and four, Quincy Crew placed its bet on their core duo which worked perfectly!

Honorable mentions: Nisha (Team Secret), 19teen (Team Unique), qojqva (Team Liquid)

All-OMEGA Team: zai (Team Secret)

All-OMEGA Team: zai (Team Secret)

Ludwig Wåhlberg had no mercy for his opponents. Zai popularised offlane Bloodseeker, but his performance on the other heroes was no worse! He is third in average KDA (only losing to Quinn and YawaR), which is an outstanding feat for an offlane player. Among core players, he is third in average assists and fifth in average deaths.

Zai played a massive role in Team Secret's success, and we proudly choose him to be on the All-OMEGA Team.

Honorable mention: AfterLife (EXTREMUM), Lelis (Quincy Crew)

All-OMEGA Team: YapzOr (Team Secret)

All-OMEGA Team: YapzOr (Team Secret)

Another position with zero intrigues. Yazied Jaradat has already made our team of the week twice, and during play-offs, he has become an even more important player to his team. It is hard to statistically explain the amount of space YapzOr created for his team, but we will try: among supports, Yazied is the league leader in average KDA, average deaths, and he is top-3 in average GPM. He is the fifth support of the league in average kills. The Jordanian support played amazingly, and this is one of his best tournaments. Bravo! 

Honorable mention: MSS (Quincy Crew), Cr1t- (Evil Geniuses)

All-OMEGA Team: Puppey (Team Secret)

All-OMEGA Team: Puppey (Team Secret)

It is impossible to imagine the All-OMEGA Team without the draft genius, the strategy mastermind, the legenddary veteran! Two of the key factors in this prestigious victory were excellent drafts and outstanding tactical preparation. However, you are also required to perform on the highest level combined with team coordination. Puppey played several difficult heroes like Chen or Io, and he is fourth among supports in average deaths while being top-10 in average KDA. The master of both micro and macro management, Puppey concludes our All-OMEGA Team.

Honorable mention: Seleri (Vikin.gg), N0tail (OG), iNSaNiA (Team Liquid), SVG (Quincy Crew)

Note: 10 played maps were required to count in our statistics.

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