Zeus Dota 2 Lore — the Ancient Greek God

Aug 20 2020 4 min read

What comes to mind of any Dota 2 player when he hears about Ancient Greece? Of course, the most famous thunderer of the game, Zeus.

What comes to mind of any Dota 2 player when he hears about Ancient Greece? Of course, the most famous thunderer of the game, Zeus. A miniature but powerful midlaner who, with his well-known ultimate, can wipe the entire enemy team at once (even if they have quite a few health points left).

But how often have you thought about the history of this character, and especially about the myths of Ancient Greece? Perhaps some of you studied it at school, university, or googled this information out of curiosity. Well, we decided to brush up on your knowledge of Zeus during OMEGA League, which is in full swing right now.

Ancient Greece Myths

Zeus Dota 2

According to myths, Zeus was born and raised in the caves of Crete. People still cannot decide exactly where this happened. Some claim that it was the Dikteon cave, while others "root" for the Ideon cave.

The parents of Zeus were the gods Kronos and Rhea. And, right now, we beg you to take the children away from the screens. Kronos, fearing his overthrow from the Olympic throne by his heirs, ate his offspring. And Rhea, not wanting to feed her husband again (before that he had swallowed five children), gave birth to Zeus on the ground and slipped a stone instead of a child for dinner. It seems that the ancient god's eyesight was horrible, as well as his sense of smell and taste. Therefore, he did not notice the difference.

Well, he should've, because Zeus grew up, got stronger, and overthrew his father from Olympus. Moreover, he could free siblings from his father's womb - Hera, Poseidon, Hestia, Demeter, and Hades (well, the stone fell out too). According to some sources - he ripped open Kronos's belly, according to others - he made him "vomit" his children into the light of day.

Then there was a long and not very interesting battle of the titans, where lightning flew at the titans while the titans themselves were underground. The result is already known to you - the gods of Olympus won.

By the right of the most influential and powerful, Zeus became the supreme god who ruled over everyone else and took Olympus's throne. At the same time, he got married (I wonder what marriage ceremonies were like. Has anyone given this any thought?) to Hera, and surrounded by his family decided the fate of mere mortals.

Zeus Dota 2 Character

Valve developers were very wise not to add the period of youth and formation with all these cruel details to the Zeus Dota 2 biography. However, they did not bypass his well-known inclination to side adventures. Thus, we have the following for Dota 2 Zeus:


"After being caught unnumbered times in the midst of trysts with countless mortal women, his divine wife finally gave him an ultimatum: 'If you love mortals so much, go and become one. If you can prove yourself faithful, then return to me as my immortal husband. Otherwise, go and die among your creatures."

Thus, Zeus's character found himself on the earth's surface among the creatures from Dota 2.


Zeus Dota 2

Let's draw parallels between the hero's abilities in the game and his "real" prototype from the myths of Ancient Greece.

As we could learn from history, Zeus threw lightning at his enemies during the battle, which the Cyclops forged for him. In the game, throwing lightning occurs with the Lightning Bolt ability, which provides true sight around the strike area, causing damage to the creature or enemy hero. Also, the primary "fire" of the character releases electric shocks at the attacked target - it counts as mini-lightning.

The creators of the game reflected the power of the Thundergod in his passive ability Static Field. Thanks to it, all enemies hit by Zeus's abilities receive additional damage.

Zeus's Ultimate ability, Thundergod's Wrath, is an impressive and massive shock of high power that strikes all enemy characters anywhere on the map. Brutal, Savage, Rekt.

OMEGA League

You can witness the flight of imagination of our production team during the live broadcast of OMEGA League. I mean, look at this impressive statue of Zeus's in-game model made specifically for this tournament.

Zeus OMEGA League
Zeus OMEGA League
Zeus OMEGA League

Stay tuned for more exciting articles about OMEGA League and, meanwhile, join the stream!

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